Klima uređaji za kućanstva

Panasonic je razvio liniju proizvoda samo za Vas, bolju nego ikada prije. Panasonic klima uređaji razvijeni su ne samo da pruže ugodnu klimu u Vašem domu, oni također štede energiju, pročišćavaju zrak.. Panasonic klima uređaj prilagođava snagu hlađenja prema Vašem prostoru i načinu života. Živjeti ekološki osvješten način života sad je lakše nego ikad.

Odaberite idealan proizvod za Vas

Mono klima uređaji za domaćinstvo

Systems for use in domestic applications with 1 to 1 combinations (1 indoor and 1 outdoor unit), can be used with a variety of indoor units: Wall Mounted, Cassette,Duct, Floor Console.

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Multi klima uređaji za domaćinstvo

If air conditioning requirements exceed the ambit of a single room, Panasonic offers you a very extensive range of possibilities with up to 5 indoor units connected to a single outdoor unit.

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Free Multi sustav klima uređaja za domaćinstvo

With combinations of 2 to 5 indoor units (including wall mounted, cassette, ducted and floor standing systems). For maximum flexibility and customisation the Free Multi has the answer.

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Domestic benefits

Great savings and improved wellness

Panasonic’s air conditioners produce the highest confort with a very small energy cost, creating a healty air, free of viruses, bacteria, pollen and odours.

A range of products designed for you

From the smaller 1X1 to the more complete 5x1 solutions, it doesn’t matter which your need is. Panasonic can offers you the best solution to get the best clima in your home.

A comfortable home all year round

The Panasonic air conditioners give you the most confortable temperature all year long, heating in winter, cooling in summer and cleaning the ambience during the whole year

New Etherea 2016. Perfect outside, perfect inside

New Etherea with Econavi intelligent sensor and new Nanoe air-purifying system: outstanding efficiency A+++, comfort (only 19 dB(A)) and healthy air combined with a breakthrough design
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New R32 Refrigerant Gas
We are presenting a new generation of air conditioners with R32.

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Econavi intelligent sensor
Econavi Sensor technology reduce waste by adjusting the operation of the air conditioner to suit the requirements of the room.

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New nano-sized electrostatic atomized water particles, nanoe™, that improve air quality
The benefits range widely from inhibiting viruses and bacteria, inhibiting mould and allergens, moisturizing skin.

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Panasonic Air Conditioners have been with us since 1958.

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Internet Control
Control your air conditioning from wherever you are.
Control your comfort and efficiency with the lowest energy consumption.

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