VRF sistemi

Panasonic VRF sustavi omogućavaju maksimalnu uštedu energije, laganu instalaciju i visoku učinkovitost te velikim izborom unutarnjih i vanjskih jedinica jedinstvenih svojstava zadovoljavaju i najzahtjevnije projekte.

Odaberite idealan proizvod za Vas

ECOi VRF sustavi

ECOi električni VRF posebno je namijenjen najzahtjevnijim uredima i velikim zgradama.

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ECO G VRF sustavi

ECO G plinski VRF posebno je namijenjen za zgrade u kojima postoji ograničen pristup električnom napajanju ili treba smanjiti emisije CO2.

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Ventilacijske jedinice unutar VRF sustava

Povećava se učinkovitost korištenjem u sustavima s klima komorama , širokim rasponom zračnih zavjesa i jedinica s povratom topline

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VRF Systems benefits

Your perfect Partner

Panasonic, your best partner with the knowledge and experience to achieve all your climate control objectives and green needs.

For all projects

For even the largest projects - there is no limit. Panasonic integrated technology ensures easy installation, high efficiency, energy saving and creates a better work environment.

Always supporting you

We can manage every stage of your project, from the design of the systems architecture to the project management, installation and service providers.

Panasonic systems are proven to be the most efficient over years of operation.
Our complete solution offers:
  • Super high efficiency in part-load conditions
  • Excellent ESEER and SCOP values for 2 and 3-Pipe
  • Efficient defrost operation

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Maximum control, maximum comfort and maximum energy savings for your entire hotel property
Panasonic offers the widest range available in heating and cooling systems, for domestic hot water and ventilation. That enables us to offer the most suitable solution for any project. And this all with the peace of mind provided by a fast customer service which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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New innovative solutions for retail. Heating and cooling solutions for retail applications
Panasonic has developed solutions for retail and office applications where return on investment is a key factor! The comfort inside the shop is key for a good customer experience in the shop.

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Solutions for restaurants
Super high efficiency at part load conditions. Panasonic has the most efficient solutions for optimizing the installation of cooling, heating and DHW production. While the kitchen needs cooling, heating is needed for DHW and also for heating the public area, with the advantage of 100% fresh air that removes accumulation of odours.

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AC Smart Cloud
Panasonic's AC Smart Cloud is ideal for control and maintenance and delivers energy savings for one or multiple sites.  If you do not have connection, Panasonic will provide communication hardware including a professional 3G SIM card.

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Leak detection and automatic refrigerant pump down
Improving safety and the environment. Panasonic has developed an innovative solution to detect refrigerant leaks that offer complete assurance and protection for end users, building occupiers and the environment.

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New remote controller for PACi and VRF with Econavi function control
Easy to use, attractive, clear design, with new demand control functions and energy consumption display! This useful feature makes this remote control unique!

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