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  • Panasonic's New Pump Down System Detects Refrigerant Leaks Early 25/07/2014 Panasonic has developed an innovative solution to detect refrigerant leaks in VRF systems, offering ... Read more
  • Panasonic Launches New Remote Control for Aquarea Range 19/06/2014 Panasonic have recently launched a new remote control for the Aquarea range. Its advanced settings i... Read more
  • Panasonic Makes a Statement at 2014 Solar Decathlon 13/06/2014 Panasonic is delighted to announce that it will be featuring in one of the shortlisted prototype hou... Read more
  • New Seven Year Aquarea Warranty for Panasonic PRO Partners 03/06/2014 Panasonic is pleased to announce it will now be offering a market-leading seven year warranty with t... Read more
  • Panasonic launches new intelligent remote control panel for hotels 23/05/2014 Panasonic has developed a new intelligent LCD remote control panel which integrates all hotel device... Read more
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