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  • Panasonic Launch New EcoNavi Sensor for Commercial Applications 15/12/2014 Panasonic has launched the new Econavi sensor. Compatible with the PACi and ECOi ranges, the sensor ... Read more
  • Panasonic Welcomes Changes to the RHI for Social Housing Landlords and Tenants 12/12/2014 Panasonic has welcomed the latest changes to the Government’s domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (R... Read more
  • Panasonic Reminds Industry to be Ready for the R22 Phase Out in 2015 03/12/2014 With the countdown well and truly underway for the R22 phase out, Panasonic is reminding distributor... Read more
  • Panasonic’s Air Handling Unit Kit now compatible with ECOi and ECO G ranges 28/11/2014 Panasonic has recently updated its air handling unit (AHU) kit, to now connect with its ECOi and ECO... Read more
  • Panasonic Launches a New Switchover Control System for Commercial Air Conditioning Units 26/11/2014 Panasonic has developed a new interface which provides redundancy monitoring and control for PACi an... Read more
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