Unités intérieures tertiaires PACi

Cassette 4 voies 90x90 PACi Inverter+

Panasonic introduces new flat panel design which is modern and matching well with your space. These cassettes have developed to satisfy today’s customer needs such as highest energy saving, maximum comfort and healthier air.
Econavi sensor
nanoe™ air purifying system
DC Fan: Save and precise
Econavi intelligent sensor
Human activity sensor and floor temperature sensor can reduce waste by optimising air conditioner operation.

Advanced Econavi functions.
2 sensors (movement and floor temperature) can find waste of energy and control effectively. Floor temperature can detect up to 5m ceiling height.

1. The area that movement sensor detects / 2. The area that floor temperature sensor detects

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Always fresh and clean air with nanoe™
New nanoe™ is available by the advanced technology of room air conditioning.
  • Purificating operation can work simultaneously or independently from heating/cooling operation.
  • Inhibiting viruses, bacteria & deodorisation (bacteria, fungus, pollen, virus and cigarette smoke). OH radicals in nanoe™ pull bacteria’s hydrogen out and it is effectively deodorised be sterilised
  • Clean inside by nanoe™ + Dry control: inside of indoor unit can be cleaned by short operation circuit with nanoe™ and drying
CZ-RTC5A and optional accessory CZ-CNEXU1 are required to use nanoe™ function.

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Ceiling PACi Inverter+

This range of ceiling mounted units feature a DC fan motor for increased efficiency and reduced operating sound levels.
All the units are the same height and depth for a uniform appearance in mixed installations. A knock out is provided to allow for supplementary fresh air for improved air quality.
Exceptional Seasonal Cooling Efficiency
Exceptional Seasonal Heating Efficiency
Control from everywhere
Further comfort improvement
The wide air discharge opening expands the air flow to the left and the right. The unpleasant feeling caused when the air flow directly hits the human body is prevented by the “Draft prevention position”, which changes the swing width, so that the degree of comfort is increased.

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High Static Pressure Hide Away PACi Inverter+

The ducted systems are the ideal solution for flexible, concealed air conditioning and the optional 200mm spigots ensure simple, hassle-free connection to spiral ductwork.
DC Fan: Save and precise
Control from everywhere
More powerful drain pump
Using a high-lift drain pump, drain piping can be elevated up to 785mm from the base of the unit.

1. Standardized height of 290mm for all models. Height standardization enables easy and uniform installation for models with different capacities
2. Built-in Drain pump (DC motor pump)
3. External electrical equipment box makes maintenance easy. P-link PCB
4. Built-in filter. Side removable filter

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Wall Mounted PACi Inverter+

The extension of the range to include a 10kW unit allows for many more applications such as studios, gyms, high ceiling areas and even computer server rooms.
The unit’s compact design and flat face ensure discreet installation, even in a small space.
DC Fan: Save and precise
Control from everywhere
Washable front panel.
The indoor unit’s front panel can be easily removed and washed for trouble-free cleaning.

Closed discharge port.
When the unit is turned OFF, the flap closes completely to prevent dust getting into the unit and to keep the equipment clean.
Quiet operation.
These units are among the quietest in the industry, making them ideal for hotels and hospitals.

Smooth and durable design.
The sleek, compact design ensures a discreet installation - even where space is limited.
Piping outlet in three directions.
With three options for pipe outlets-rear, right and left - installation is made easy.

Air distribution is altered depending on the operational mode of the unit.

High Static Pressure Hide Away 20-25kW Big PACi Inverter+

The 8-10HP from Panasonic is ideally suited for large retail applications and other large areas not needing the higher capacities of VRF systems.
Bluefin anti-rust coating
Big size fan
Control from everywhere
An air conditioner’s performance depends largely on its condenser, which can take a beating from exposure to salty air, wind, dust and other corrosive factors. Panasonic has found a way to expand the life of our condensers, using a layer of our original anti-rust coating. This special coating lets you enjoy more years of reliable comfort plus extra economy over the long run.

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