U - 090/105/125 CV

ECOi-W Heat Pump Chiller. Discover a new era of ECOi, the ECOi-W.

Panasonic introduces the ECOi-W heat pumps and cooling only chiller series.

These new series provides a wide variety of HVAC system solutions, to meet all of your residential, commercial and industrial needs.

Customizable design gives high flexibility. Wide range of communication protocols fulfill the requirements in hotels, offices, industry applications.

· High seasonal efficiency

· Ambient temperature operation range: -10 to +50 °C

· Water outlet temperature range: -10 to +18 °C

· Optional extra-low noise kit available

· Optimized design for service and maintenance

· Simple user friendly control as standard

· Modbus RTU as standard

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U - 090/105/125 CV ТРИФАЗНИ
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