Hochleistungs-Türluftschleier zur Integration in PACi-Installationen
Einfache Montage
Hohe Laufruhe und effizienter Betrieb durch EC-Ventilatormotor
Zwei Luftstromausführungen: Jetflow- und Standard-Ausblasdüse
Für 2015 geplante Energieeffizienzstandards für Ventilatoren bereits heute nutzbar
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  • Save up to 40% Energy Costs by use of the integrated EC Fan Technology (Higher efficiency than conventional AC fan, softstart and longer motor duration)
  • 3 Lengths of Air Curtains Jet-Flow, from 1 to 2 m and 2 lengths of Air Curtains Standard, 1 and 2 m
  • Installation Height up to 3,5 m (Jet-Flow) and 3,0 m (Standard)
  • Outlet Grilles can be adjusted in five positions, to suite different Indoor and installation requirements (Jet-Flow)
  • Control with Panasonic Remote Control systems (optional)
  • Direct integration to BMS by optional Panasonic Interfaces
  • Drain included for cooling operation
  • Drain pump and float switch available for forced drainage