Kits Multi Split Etherea Day & Night 3 Rooms • R32

Etherea stylish and outstanding features.

Using a Multi Split Inverter+ system you reduce consumption and thus save more! Up to 34%! Furthermore, using a Multi Split system, you save space on the outdoor unit, making it easier to install in small spaces.

Day & Night. Ideal for 2 day and night areas. Simultaneous use possible.

  • nanoe™ X with nano-technology, nano-sized electrostatic atomised water particles clean the air in the room
  • Built-in WLAN Panasonic Comfort Cloud for internet control
  • Super Quiet! Only 19 dB(A), equivalent to night-time in the countrysideside
  • Infrared control Sky Controller
  • Mild Dry Cooling: prevent a rapid decrease in room humidity
  • Aerowings to control air draft direction
  • More powerful airflow to quickly reach the desired temperature
  • Wired control (Optional)


  • 5.2 kW: KIT-3XZ252535-TBE (CS-XZ35VKEW + CS-XZ25VKEW + CS-XZ25VKEW + CU-3Z52TBE) (Silver) (Caldo e Freddo)
  • 5.2 kW: KIT-3Z202035-TBE (CS-Z35VKEW + CS-Z20VKEW + CS-Z20VKEW + CU-3Z52TBE) (Pure White Matt) (Caldo e Freddo)
  • 5.2 kW: KIT-3Z252535-TBE (CS-Z35VKEW + CS-Z25VKEW + CS-Z25VKEW + CU-3Z52TBE) (Pure White Matt) (Caldo e Freddo)
  • 5.2 kW: KIT-3XZ202035-TBE (CS-XZ35VKEW + CS-XZ20VKEW + CS-XZ20VKEW + CU-3Z52TBE) (Silver) (Caldo e Freddo)

You can find information and precautions relevant for installation and maintenance in the instruction manuals. You can find information relevant for disposal at end-of-life in the instruction manual.