PACi Elite Wall Mounted • R32

Wired remote controller CZ-RTC5B

The range units allows for many more applications such as studios, gyms, high ceiling areas and even computer server rooms.
The unit’s compact design and flat face ensure discreet installation, even in a small space.

  • Modern design with flat face and compact size
  • Stylish matt white colour
  • DC FAN for better efficiency and control
  • Six directional piping outlet
  • Datanavi simple support tool app with remote controller (CZ-RTC5B)
  • Easy connection and control of external fan or ERV using the connector PAW-FDC on the indoor unit PCB. The external device can be control by the remote control of the Panasonic indoor unit


  • 3.6 kW: KIT-36PK2ZH5 (S-36PK2E5B + U-36PZH2E5) (Caldo e Freddo)
  • 5 kW: KIT-50PK2ZH5 (S-50PK2E5B + U-50PZH2E5) (Caldo e Freddo)
  • 6 kW: KIT-60PK2ZH5 (S-60PK2E5B + U-60PZH2E5) (Caldo e Freddo)
  • 7.1 kW: KIT-71PK2ZH5 (S-71PK2E5B + U-71PZH2E5) (Caldo e Freddo)
  • 9 kW: KIT-100PK2ZH5 (S-100PK2E5B + U-100PZH2E5) (Caldo e Freddo)


  • 7.1 kW: KIT-71PK2ZH8 (S-71PK2E5B + U-71PZH2E8) (Caldo e Freddo)
  • 9 kW: KIT-100PK2ZH8 (S-100PK2E5B + U-100PZH2E8) (Caldo e Freddo)

You can find information and precautions relevant for installation and maintenance in the instruction manuals. You can find information relevant for disposal at end-of-life in the instruction manual.