F3 Type adaptive ducted for VRF

New design variable static pressure duct.

2 installation possibilities (horizontal / vertical) with high ESP 150Pa allows flexible installation.
nanoe™ X built-in as a standard.

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Outstanding duct profile.

· Powerful 150Pa External Static Pressure (ESP)
· Industry-leading horizontal / vertical design
· Space saving 250mm height
· Low sound level from 20dB(A)


Flexible installation.

· 4 installation possibilities with horizontal and vertical mounting and selectable rear or bottom air inlet
· Improved drain pan design
· Integrated Panasonic R32 refrigerant leak detectors


Superior air quality.

· nanoe™ X (Generator Mark 2= 9,6 trillion hydroxyl radicals/sec) as standard

Outstanding duct profile

Powerful 150Pa External Static Pressure (ESP).

· Variable external static pressure control
· Optimal airflow set-up is possible depending on ducting design and conditions
For short ducting such as hotels

Optimal control by DC motor

For long ducting or for usage with high efficiency filter

Space Saving 250mm height.

· High ESP in this compact design
· Only 250mm height and light weight from 26 to 42kg

Industry-leading horizontal / vertical design.

· New vertical installation option available. Variable external static pressure to support ducted installations with bends
· Enables discrete placement outside the room even if a small ceiling limits space for ductwork
· Drain pan suitable for both horizontal and vertical installation
New vertical option
Standard horizontal
· Total 4 installation possibilities with horizontal, vertical mounting and selectable rear or bottom air inlet
A removable panel allows air inlet position to be adjusted to enable rear or bottom entry, depending on ductwork installation.
Rear suction
Bottom suction

Flexible installation


Built-in drain pump (DC motor pump).
Drain pan is shared in both cases horizontal and vertical installation.
No need to alternate anymore.


2x Built-in Panasonic R32 refrigerant leak detectors.


External electrical equipment box for easy maintenance.


Built-in filter.
1. Vertical.
2. Shared drain pan.
3. Horizontal.

More powerful drain pump.

Using a high-lift built-in drain pump, drain piping can be elevated up to 701mm from the base of the unit.

Discharge air temperature control.

· Available in all ducted series (F3/F2/M1/E2)
· Smart sensors control discharge air temperature for precise room temperature control
· Possible to reduce cold drafts during heating operation

Adaptive ducted series

Superior air quality

nanoe™ X Technology equipped as a standard.

· Charged water particles, contain hydroxyl (OH) radicals that work to provide quality air
· Maintenance free - no need to clean or replace the device
· Discharging device generate huge quantity of OH radicals

nanoe™ X validated with F3 adaptive ducted.

nanoe™ X effectiveness does not change even after traveling through 10m long duct.
a. One bend.
b. Two bends.
c. Three bends.

nanoe™ X effectiveness proven in large space.

The nanoe™ X reduced the odours adhering to fibres such as curtains and carpets (139m²)*.

Compared to natural reduction, the nanoe™ X blast reduced the odour intensity by more than approximately 0,7 after two hours.
Reduction rate of cigarette odour absorption.
Test ambient.

nanoe™ X reduced by 0,7 rank

a. Odour level.
b. Time (hour).
c. Natural reduction.

* Tested by 3rd party. Testing organization: KAKEN TEST CENTER General Incorporated Foundation in Japan, international testing institute.

a. Adhered odour.
b. Ducted unit.