ECOi-W cascade controller.

Plug & Play solution
All the components such as an electronic board, a power supply and a protection switch are enclosed in one casing and ready to use without additional accessories.

Cascade up to 8 ECOi-W outdoor units
Compatible with ECOi W AQUA series R290 (G), R32 (Z) & R410A
ECOi-W Cloud available**
Easy integration with Building Management Systems
Optimized control for defrosting and domestic hot water (DHW)
Backup and rotation control available
Flexible control of external water pumps
**Forthe detailed information, please contact an authorized Panasonic dealer.

System layout example: ECOi-W outdoor unit connection
a. BMS connectivity: ON/OFF – Scheduling / Selection mode - Set point / System operating values / System alarm information
b. Wired: Remote ON/OFF / Mode Change / Set point / Sliding set point / General alarm / Plant capacity
c. External devices that can be controlled: Tanks and Pumps (up to 2 external pumps).
*Third party chiller outdoor units can be also controlled by cascade controller but with limited control functions. Please check the detail information in the technical manual.


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