Mini ECOi LZ2 Series 4 to 6HP - R32

Mini ECOi LZ2 Series 4 to 6HP - R32

Mini ECOi LZ2 Series 4 to 6HP - R32

Outstanding efficiency in a compact body and continuous operation even at extreme ambient temperatures.

Minimum environmental impact.

Panasonic has designed the LZ2 series in order to minimize the environmental impact of the system. Low GWP refrigerant R32 and highest efficiency levels ensure this through the total operational lifetime.

For the most challenging spaces.

The new Mini ECOi LZ2 R32 VRF system is the ideal solution to fit into any application thanks to its compact design and long piping lengths.

Technical focus.

  • SEER levels up to 8,50 and SCOP levels up to 5,05 (for 4HP model)
  • Continuous operation at extreme ambient temperatures: -20°C (heating) to 52°C (cooling)
  • Wide range of connectable units
  • New and unique indoors with nanoe™ X, hydroxyl radicals contained in water
  • Allowing wide range of installations with and without mitigation measures
  • Flexible mitigation measures, with R32 refrigerant leak detector/alarm to be installed only when required

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