Heatcharge VZ Inverter+ • R32

The Heatcharge from Panasonic has the capacity to store heat on the outdoor unit which allows heating to start quickly just after turning on the heat pump.

It also ensures maximum comfort and heat in the house even during defrost operation as Heat charge also stores heat to prevent cool air during defrost.

  • R32 refrigerant is more environmentally friendly than R410A
  • Performance tested at -35°C Outdoor temperature
  • Energy Charge System. Heat storage unit which realizes NON-STOP heating and fast heating function
  • Econavi sensor: Even higher efficiency and great comfort
  • nanoe™ air purifying system, 99% effective to certain airborne and adhesives mould, viruses, bacteria and pollen allergen
  • Super Quiet! Only 18dB(A), equivalent to night-time in the country
  • More powerful airflow to quickly reach the desired temperature


  • 3 kW: KIT-VZ9-SKE (CS-VZ9SKE + CU-VZ9SKE) (Opvarmning og køling)
  • 3.5 kW: KIT-VZ12-SKE (CS-VZ12SKE + CU-VZ12SKE) (Opvarmning og køling)

You can find information and precautions relevant for installation and maintenance in the instruction manuals. You can find information relevant for disposal at end-of-life in the instruction manual.