Panasonic condensing units with natural refrigerant

Panasonic is now introducing the new environmentally friendly CO2 condensing units for commercial refrigeration.

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With Panasonic condensing units you can expect: Energy savings, low noise levels, light weight, low refrigerant charge, low installation cost and low costs on servicing.

Choose the green solution by Panasonic

Why CO2?: Natural refrigerant.
EU F-Gas Regulation is a key priority for European countries. It ensures compliance with the Kigali Amendment supporting international climate commitments on greenhouse gases and leading the global transition to climate-friendly HFC-free technologies.
Carbon dioxide (R–744) is regaining its place in the refrigeration world. Driven by environmental concerns, legislation is requiring increased adoption of ‘alternative’ refrigerants, of which CO2 is one.
CO2 is a very attractive refrigerant from an environmental perspective. Zero ODP and “GWP” (Global Warming Potential)=1 means natural substance in the atmosphere.
In Europe a step-by-step HFC reduction has been in place since the F Gas regulation was introduced in 2015.
In fact, not only in Europe but also other countries all over the world have actively been preparing to enact the necessary domestic legislation to implement the agreement for reducing the use of HFCs.
Panasonic is now able to provide a solution in Europe with CO2 refrigeration systems to prevent global warming and to support environment-friendly retail operations.
The following table shows how well R744 (CO2) performs regarding environmental impact and safety.

ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) = 0 - GWP (Global Warming Potential) = 1.

Next generation refrigerant
ODP: 0
GWP: 1
Flammability: Non flammable
Toxicity: No
ODP: 0
GWP: 0
Flammability: Light flammable
Toxicity: Yes
ODP: 0
GWP: 4
Flammability: Flammable
Toxicity: No

Current refrigerant
ODP: 0
GWP: 2.090
Flammability: Non flammable
Toxicity: No
ODP: 0
GWP: 3.920
Flammability: Non flammable
Toxicity: No
Comparison of CO2 emissions.

ENERGY SAVING: 25,4% Freezer / 16,2% Refrigeration

CO2 EMISSION: 67% Reduction

Unit: t/year
1. Freezer temperature. 2. Refrigerator temperature. 3. Total (Our own research in Japan).

1) Direct influence presents the effect of refrigerant leakage comparing R744 (CO2) with R404A. 2) Indirect influence presents CO2 emissions linked to power consumption of CO2 unit and conventional units.

By Panasonic research in Japan. Comparing 6 shops average for R404A inverter multi condensing unit.
Direct influence 1)
Indirect influence 2)

Reliable quality made in Japan. Excellent quality control established by skilled factory team.

CO2 transcritical condensing units New MT/LT model (OCU-CR1000VF8A(SL))
Panasonic has introduced new model offering both MT and LT options. An enlarged 12L tank in this new model ensures an optimum operation.

Both MT and LT options.
Maximum cooling capacity. MT: Up to 16kW. LT: Up to 8kW.

Up scales tank 7L to 12L.
This 12L tank keeps inside extra amount of refrigerant when the system stops. Also helping installers by making wider tolerance from optimum charge.
Heat recovery function for heating. Available in Autumn 2019.
This function offers refrigeration together with heating in one system. Its a ground breaking function giving a great opportunity to cut running costs by utilizing exhausted heat from refrigeration to the energy source for heating.

What is Heat Recovery function?
Eg. CO2 condensing system for refrigeration + A2W system for heating.
New solution.
Heat Recovery system can produce not only refrigeration but also heating by heat recovery.
1. Medium temperature. 2. A2W Aquarea. 3. MT (or Low temperature). 4. New Heat Recovery. 5. Water Heat Exchanger 1).
1) Water Heat Exchanger is local supply.
* Simultaneous operation with LT and MT is not possible.
CO2 transcritical condensing units CR Series
  • Set-points at medium or low temperature available depending on applications
  • High COP at high ambient temperature thanks to Panasonic’s 2-stage compression CO2 rotary compressor

  • Compact and extremely quiet
  • Transfer Pressure control for stable expansion valve control in showcases (1000VF8 and 1000VF8A models only)

* SEPR Cooling values has been tested at 3-part laboratory.
** SEPR Freezing values has been tested at 3-part laboratory.
CR Series
Low temperature
Medium temperature
ET (Evaporation Temperature) Set points range

Reliability is our main target and therefore we offer compressor warranties of 5 years, and 2 year warranties on other components!

Superior cooling capacity at each evaporating temperature.
CO2 Transcritical Condensing units have a high cooling capacity at each set point. CO2 2-stage compression rotary compressor developed by Panasonic is designed to compress CO2 refrigerant twice; it reduces load in operation by half compared with 1-stage refrigerant compression and delivers better durability and reliability.
Units can be set to run at low and medium temperatures with four initial settings. These settings can then be modified by turning a simple and user friendly rotary switch to further enhance energy savings. (200VF5 model only).
4kW: OCU-CR200VF5(SL)
This compact unit provides flexibility to adapt to changing needs of refrigeration depending on the install setting.

Cooling Capacity (kW)
15kW: OCU-CR1000VF8(SL)

Cooling Capacity (kW)
16kW: OCU-CR1000VF8A(SL)

Cooling Capacity (kW)
Ambient temperature: 32°C, 230V, Compressor: operation frequency: 65 S-1 Refrigerant: R744, suction gas temperature: 18°C.
Ambient temperature: 32°C, 400V, Compressor: Operation frequency: 60 S-1, Refrigerant: R744, suction gas temperature:18°C.
Ambient temperature: 32°C, 400V, Compressor: Operation frequency: 60 S-1, Refrigerant: R744, suction gas temperature:18°C. * Tentative.
Reliable CO2 technology by Panasonic.
  • Reliable Quality: Made in Japan
  • Experience: 10.000 units sold and installed in 3.700 retail operations such a convenience stores and supermarkets in Japan*
  • Excellent quality control established by skilled factory team
  • Panasonic offers 5 year warranties on compressor and 2 years on components
  • The 5 year compressor warranty matches the products long lifetime

* As of the end of November 18.

Panasonic condensing units with natural refrigerant: The environmentally friendly and reliable solution for convenience stores, supermarket, gas stations and cold rooms.

Cold chain applications.
Panasonic’s CR Series of C02 condensing units provide the ideal solution for supermarkets, convenience stores and gas stations.
Keeping food always fresh at right temperature in showcases or cold rooms is a very critical point. And one of the biggest challenges for those retailers has been the expensive effects of refrigeration breakdowns which can result in costly product wastage.
Panasonic’s reliable CO2 solution helps address the above issue by having a stable and reliable all year-round system to help maximise energy efficiency.
Convenience stores, supermarket, gas stations.
Showcase type example:
  • 4kW / OCU-CR200VF5: Reach in Freezer.
  • 15kW / OCU-CR1000VF8 and 16kW / OCU-CR1000VF8A :Open Showcase* (total width 850cm) / Dessert showcase / Walk-in refrigerator (6 or 7 doors).

* Showcases are local supply.
** Controllers: PAW-CO2-PANEL or local supply.
*** Minimum cooling load must be 18% of the total capacity.

1. Open Showcase. 2. Walk-in Refrigerator. 3. Reach-in Freezer. 4. Dessert Showcase.
Cold room application to keep food fresh.
Hotel, school, hospital.
CO2 Model
Cold room. Evaporation temperature
Cold room. Room size example*
* Room size is reference. Please contact to authorized Panasonic dealer for calculation.


Saving installation time with Plug & Play kit.
To ensure a quick and easy install of the product, Panasonic has designed a one box solution that includes the condensing unit, a panel pre-programmed controller, electronic expansion and all required sensors in addition to providing easy to understand instructions.

Plug & Play kit. Model code: PAW-CO2-PANEL.

Electronic expansion for superheat control.
Intelligent controller programmed specially for storage rooms and showcases.
Modbus compatibility with monitoring system.
Panasonic CO2 condensing unit CR Series can be supervised by major monitoring system such as CAREL, Eliwell and Danfoss. Monitoring system ensures the recording, monitoring and reporting of temperature conditions etc… of entire CO2 condensing units system at shops.

Monitoring system:
Standard boss & boss-mini
AK-SM Series