Aquarea High Performance All in One J Generation 1 Phase • R32

Panasonic recommends R32 because it is comparably environmentally friendly. Compared to R22 and R410A, R32 has a very low potential impact on the depletion of ozone layer and global warming.

  • Top level COP 5,33
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Piping at the bottom of the All in One (easy to install)
  • Reduced installation time and minimised installation errors
  • Easy remote controller to set up
  • Reduced installation spaces
  • Electrical connections at the front
  • Easier installation and maintenance
  • Remote controller functions (cooling mode activation possible by software. This activation can only be done by service partner)


  • 3 kW: KIT-ADC03JE5 (WH-ADC0309J3E5 + WH-UD03JE5) (Frío y Calor)
  • 5 kW: KIT-ADC05JE5 (WH-ADC0309J3E5 + WH-UD05JE5) (Frío y Calor)
  • 7 kW: KIT-ADC07JE5 (WH-ADC0309J3E5 + WH-UD07JE5) (Frío y Calor)
  • 9 kW: KIT-ADC09JE5 (WH-ADC0309J3E5 + WH-UD09JE5) (Frío y Calor)

Puede encontrar información y precauciones relevantes para la instalación y el mantenimiento en los manuales de instrucciones. Puede encontrar información relevante para su eliminación al final de su vida útil en el manual de instrucciones.