DHW Stand Alone

The DHW Stand Alone is a highly efficient wall-mounted heat pump water heater.
This space-saving wall-mounted solution is one of the most efficient models available, designed as a perfect replacement for the electric water heater. The wall-mounted installation, fast heat-up time, and auto function for smart piloting all guarantee customer comfort.



  • A+ Highly efficient wall mounted Domestic Hot Water Heat Pump.
  • Provides reduced power consumption by 75% compared with traditional electric water heater.
  • Multilingual and End-user friendly Remote Controller.
  • Digital control panel.
  • Energy consumption monitoring.
  • Different modes of operation based on end-user needs.
  • Mode AUTO: Intelligent Temperature Set Point, thanks to monitoring hot water usage.
  • Mode BOOST, Mode ECO and Mode ABSENCE.
  • Photovoltaic function.
  • Compatible with ducted fresh air intake installations.

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