Recuperador de calor con batería DX

Motorised heat recovery by-pass device automatically controlled by unit control to use fresh air free-cooling when convenient.

  • Galvanized steel self-supporting panels, internally and externally insulated
  • High efficiency enthalpic heat recover, static cross flow type, made by membrane with high moisture permeability, good air tightness, excellent tear resistance, and aging resistance, it is structures with flat plates and corrugated plates. Total heat exchange with temperature efficiency up to 76% and enthalpy efficiency up to 67%, also at high level during summer season
  • ISO16890 ePm2,5 95% (F9 EN 779) efficiency class filter with synthetic cleanable media and COARSE 50% (G3 EN 779) pre-filter ON fresh air, COARSE 50% filter on return air intake
  • Removable side panel to access filters and heat recovery in the event of scheduled maintenance
  • Low consumption, high efficiency & low noise direct driven fans
  • Supply section complete with DX Coil (R410A) fitted with solenoid control valve, freon filter, contact temperature sensors on liquid and gas line, NTC sensors upstream and downstream airflow
  • Built-in electric box equipped with PCB to control internal fan speed and to interconnect outdoor/indoor units
  • Duct connection by circular plastic collars


  • 3 kW: PAW-500ZDX3N (Frío y Calor)
  • 5.1 kW: PAW-800ZDX3N (Frío y Calor)
  • 5.8 kW: PAW-01KZDX3N (Frío y Calor)

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