4-Way 60x60 Cassette Inverter • R32

Specially designed for offices, retail and restaurant applications, this Cassette fits perfectly into 60x60 or 70x70 ceiling grids.
Compact Cassette with high efficiency even at low temperatures, this new Cassette can also be connected to KNX, Modbus, EnOcean interfaces for easy integration with your BMS systems. Interfaces have dry contacts (ON/OFF, error message) to enable easy integration.
Fit Panasonic's Cassette Type, and start to save all year round!

  • R32 gas is more environmentally friendly than R410A
  • NEW CZ-BT20EW RAL9010 panel
  • Cassettes can be controlled by KNX, EnOcean and Modbus
  • Designed for easy installation in the standard European 60x60 ceiling grid
  • Piping length up to 30m
  • Maximum elevation difference up to 20m
  • Ultra compact outdoor units for easy installation
  • High pressure selector in case of high ceilings (higher than 2,7m)
  • Drain pump included (maximum 750mm high)
  • Air fresh entry available on the Cassette


  • 2.5 kW: KIT-Z25-UB4 (CS-Z25UB4EAW + CU-Z25UBEA) (Chauffage et Climatisation)
  • 3.5 kW: KIT-Z35-UB4 (CS-Z35UB4EAW + CU-Z35UBEA) (Chauffage et Climatisation)
  • 5 kW: KIT-Z50-UB4 (CS-Z50UB4EAW + CU-Z50UBEA) (Chauffage et Climatisation)
  • 6 kW: KIT-Z60-UB4 (CS-Z60UB4EAW + CU-Z60UBEA) (Chauffage et Climatisation)

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