A welcome addition to the city of Varna, Bulgaria’s stand-out residential building, Varna Wave, has been awarded the prestigious BEST RESIDENTIAL PROJECT at the recent Panasonic PRO Awards 2018.

The eye-catching façade, designed by creative architectural firm STARH, spans over 8 floors with 47 individual apartments. Situated in the heart of the port city, known as the ‘Sea Capital’ of Bulgaria, the exterior was designed to emulate waves rolling in and out of the sea. The effect is achieved through a mixture of glass and Corian, a solid surface material, wrapping around each balcony with sleek, oval-shaped corners to create an ultra-modern and sophisticated structure.

Varna Wave aimed to create a high standard of living for its residents. To offer the ultimate comfort, this would include efficiently taking care of the heating and cooling requirements to a very high standard. The main objectives were to focus on something that could offer sustainability, innovation, and the bonus of adding value to the building. 

Having been invited to provide a solution at a very late stage in the development, Bulgarian installers Climamarket Efendulov Ltd faced the difficult challenge of providing HVAC and plumbing plans for the entire building whilst it was already under construction. This resulted in some very tight deadlines and tactical decision-making that led to choosing Panasonic for the heating and cooling solutions.

Wanting the very best in performance, the installers proposed a complete re-design of the building’s structure to be able to include Panasonic’s highly efficient Aquarea range. Using the Panasonic Aquarea air-to-water technology, the units are an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution for the apartment block by transferring heat instead of generating it. With the amended plans approved, Panasonic’s Aquarea T-CAP was installed to ensure extremely efficient heating and cooling for the residents. It is the ideal solution to endure the long winters in comfort as it can operate in conditions as low as -28°C and can produce water up to 60°C.

Every apartment balcony was also installed with Aquarea’s High Performance Bi-Bloc H Generation units, which is specifically designed for low-energy buildings and achieves an impressive COP of 5. Thanks to the system’s high degree of technology and advanced control, it can maintain high capacity and efficiency even at -20°C degrees. The compact design has offered the ultimate comfort for residents whilst also producing a very low level of noise, essential for joint living spaces such as apartments.

The installers and architects were also persuaded by Aquarea’s All in One H Generation indoor unit’s efficiency and how the heating, cooling, and domestic hot water have been combined into one compact unit. The range has been installed into every apartment and intelligently integrates the best HydroKit technology with a stainless-steel tank. The reduced installation space of the unit has been effectively utlised in each apartment kitchen in a discreet manner, hidden behind a cabinet door so it is out of sight. This unobtrusive installation has resulted in more living space for residents and fits into the aesthetics of the apartment, whilst still operating to the highest quality.

“We knew Panasonic were good, but they have exceeded our expectations with this project” explains Milen Efendulov, CEO of Climamarket Efendulov LTD. “Due to our tight deadline, we had to be quick and efficient in our installation. Thanks to the easy installation of the Panasonic units, we were able to have everything completed within the timeframe. Not to mention the fantastic standard of heating and cooling they have added to the apartment block, offering high efficiency in the most stylish way to fit with the ultra-modern design and overall vision.”

The installation was completed with the Aquarea Smart Cloud, connecting the entire Aquarea H Generation range together onto one system. The Smart Cloud is a powerful and intuitive service for remotely controlling the full range of heating and hot water functions, including monitoring energy consumption to help save costs. It also allows the installers to take care of their customer’s needs, saving time and money and shortening response time, increasing customer satisfaction.

List of products:

·         WH-ADC0309H3E5 - Aquarea High Performance All in One H Generation Single Phase x 39

·         WH-UD09HE5 - Aquarea High Performance Bi-Bloc H Generation Single Phase Outdoor Unit x 41

·         WH-SDC09H3E5 - Aquarea High Performance Bi-Bloc H Generation Single Phase Indoor Unit x 2

·         WH-MDC12H6E5 - Aquarea High Performance Mono-Bloc H Generation Single Phase Outdoor Unit x 1

·         WH-SXC16F9E8 - Aquarea T-Cap Bi-Bloc H Generation Single Phase/Three Phase Unit x 1

·         WH-UX16FE8 - Aquarea T-Cap Bi-Bloc H Generation Single Phase/Three Phase Unit x 1

·         CZ-TAW1 - Aquarea Smart Cloud x 1

·         PAW-AW-TSOD – Outdoor Ambient Sensor x 1