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Discover the all-new partnership between Wiser and Panasonic and help reduce your customers’ energy bills with exceptional control over your home’s temperature.

Combining market-leading technologies in the world of heating and cooling, the new partnership between Panasonic and Wiser promises your customers an unseen level of customisation and control over their home’s temperature.

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The Wiser Kit 1 is a single channel and works alongside your existing heat pump controls to manage the Wiser devices and tell the heat pump when there is demand for heat.

The Wiser Kit 3 performs the same functions as Kit 1 in terms of device management but gives two outputs which when wired to the heat pump can choose between two different flow temperatures for the respective zones.


When worlds collide…

Wiser enables you to easily create multi-zone systems for your customer, allowing them to adjust and monitor room-by-room control via their smartphone app.

By integrating Panasonic’s award-winning Aquarea air source heat pumps with the Wiser Home app, users can control the individual temperatures of each room in their home from anywhere on the planet, increasing energy efficiency and improving the level of home comfort.

Smart Modes such as ‘Away Mode’ help limit energy consumption, lowering the end user’s carbon footprint. Plus, with further integration with the Aquarea Smart Cloud app, users can get access to detailed analytics on their energy usage, schedule heating preferences for future and stay on top of maintenance needs.