3-Pipe ECOi MF2 6N Series

Simultaneous heating and cooling VRF system. The Panasonic 3-Pipe MF2 Series
offers the best solution for the most demanding customers.

  • The 3-Pipe units have only one chassis size, with a very small footprint (only 0,93m²)
  • 1 body for all sizes: 1.758 x 1.000 x 930mm, for 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16HP
  • Maximum capacity size as 48HP by 3 unit combinations
  • Up to 52 indoor units connectable
  • Connectable indoor/outdoor unit capacity ratio up to 150%

Market-leading COP (at full load), High Efficiency Combination

1. EER High Efficiency Combination
2. EER Standard Combination
3. COP High Efficiency Combination
4. COP Standard Combination

Market-leading COP (at full load), standard efficiency

1. EER 3-Pipe MF2 6N Series
2. EER Old series
3. COP 3-Pipe MF2 6N Series
4. COP Old series

3-Pipe Control Box Kit / Multiple connection type

New Heat Recovery Box to connect multiple indoor units with just one box, 4, 6 and up to 8 indoor units or groups.
This is good advantage specially in hotel applications, where space for connecting several boxes is limited.
1. x 4 ports.
2. x 6 ports.
3. x 8 ports.

5. CZ-P56HR3
Up to 5,6kW: CZ-P160HR3
Up to 16,0kW: KIT-P56HR3 (CZ-P56HR3+CZ-CAPE2)
6. CZ-CAPE2*
3-Pipe control PCB

* For wall mounted. Must be added to the CZ-P56HR3 or CZ-P160HR3.

Individual control of multiple indoor units with solenoid valve kits

  • Any design and layout can be used in a single system.
  • Cooling operation is possible up to an outdoor temperature of -10°C.

System structure

1. Suction pipe (low temperature, low pressure gas pipe)
2. Liquid pipe (medium temperature, medium pressure liquid pipe)
3. Discharge pipe (high temperature, high pressure gas pipe)
4. Solenoid valve kit