New Aquarea air radiators

New line up of Super low temperature radiators for Heat Pump application
32% More efficient than standard radiators
Main features
  • Front panel heating with radiant effect
  • High heating capacity (without main fan running)
  • 4 fan speeds and capacities
  • Exclusive design
  • Extremely compact (only 12.9 cm deep)
  • Cooling and dehumidification functions possible (drain is needed)
  • 3-way valve included (no overflow valve needed on the installation if more than 3 radiators installed)

A: 735 / B: 579

A: 935 / B: 579

A: 1135 / B: 579
1. Operating on heating mode with radiator using only radiant effect. 2. Operating on heating mode with radiant effect and fan mode. 3. Operating on cooling mode with fan.
A: With aquarea air
B: With standard cast radiators
During winter, the operating principle is based on micro fans of very low power consumption and minimum noise that send hot air, coming from the heat exchanger, to the inside of the front panel of the device and therefore heat it effectively. With this principle, the terminal also provides significant power while heating, without running the main fan. Comfort temperatures therefore maintained, without air movements and in silence. In summer mode, the airflow generated by the micro fans is stopped to avoid any dew formation on the terminal’s front surface. 
A: Radiant effect for better comfort
B: Very silent and efficient DC fan motor
C: Front panel with a radiant effect
D: Dc fan motor for high efficiency
E: Filter
F: Drain for cooling mode operation