Aquarea completely new line-up

Panasonic has designed a completely new line-up to offer the best to our customers.
There are several types of heat pump available:
  • The Mono‑Bloc system: This only has an outdoor unit. The installation doesn’t require a refrigerated connection and is only connected to the heating and/or hot water (figure 1a)
  • The Bi‑Bloc system: The system, separate indoor and outdoor units, connects to the heating and/or hot water system (figure 1b)
  • New All in One: Hydromodule + 200l tank. Panasonic has developed a highly efficient solution, easy to install (figure 1c)
1a / 1b / 1c. Aquarea outdoor air source heat pumps
Panasonic has developed an extensive range of air-to-water heat pumps designed to efficiently convert free air into sustainable heating and hot water. Fitted externally to your home and designed to operate in all year round weather conditions (-20°C), it’s the smart alternative to oil, LPG and electric heating systems.
2. Aquarea Heat Pump Manager (Optional)
This new generation of smart controllers for eco-efficient heating, features our versatile stand-alone controller not only for our heat pump systems, but also your gas, oil boiler and all other devices installed on your heating system.
3. Heating control App for smart phone, tablet or computer (Optional)
The heating control App allows you to control the heating and hot water system via your smart phone, tablet or computer with ease, whether at home or away.
The heat pump can be also connected to house management system using KNX or Modbus interfaces.
4. Super High Efficiency: PAW-TE20/30/50E3HI (Optional)
  • High efficient tank solution: specially designed to improve the efficiency of the sanitary hot water production.
  • HI lineup:
- low energy losses
- high exchange surface for high efficiency and short time to heat up the water
5. High efficient radiators for heating and cooling (Optional)
  • High efficient radiators working with water at 35°C.
  • No need for two kits if both floor heating and radiators are required.
  • As the product is efficient, it opens the possibility to also provide cooling while still meeting construction requirements.
Panasonic offers a cooling mode within its heat pump range for low consumption homes
6. Heat Pump + HIT Photovoltaic solar panel (Optional)
Photovoltaic solar panels: the best solution for big savings.
Combining photovoltaic solar panels with your heat pump can help to further reduce your electrical consumption and CO2 emissions. Additionally, with the unique HIT photovoltaic solar panel technology from Panasonic, you can produce more electricity per square metre, helping you to increase your energy savings still further.

A wide range from 3 to 16kW, Single and Three Phase, Mono‑Bloc and Bi‑Bloc. 3 Versions:

Aquarea High Performance for low consumption houses. From 3 to 16kW
For a house with low temperature radiators or underfloor heating, our high performance Aquarea heat pump is a good solution. This very big range works from 3 to 16kW and delivers hot water temperatures of 55°C even at outdoor temperatures at -20°C. Aquarea High Performance range is available as stand-alone unit or can be combined with an existing gas- or oil-fired heating system, depending on your requirements.. This very high efficient solution is ideal for low consumption homes.
Aquarea T-CAP. From 9 to 16kW
If the most important aspect is to maintain nominal heating capacities even at temperatures as low as -7°C or -15°C, select the Aquarea T‑CAP. T‑CAP stands for “Total Capacity”. This ensures that there is always enough capacity to heat the house without help from an external boiler - even at extremely low temperatures. Aquarea T‑CAP always has high efficiency and high heating capacity even at extremely low temperatures. With Aquarea T‑CAP, you can always enjoy high savings.
Aquarea HT. From 9 to 12kW
Replace a traditional heating source (such as oil or gas) with Aquarea HT, but keep existing old style radiators for minimum disruption to the home. For a house with traditional high-temperature radiators (such as cast iron radiators), the Aquarea HT Solution is the most appropriate as it provides output water temperatures of 65°C even at outdoor temperatures as low as -15°C. Aquarea HT is able to deliver hot water to 65°C with the Heat Pump alone.