3-Pipe ECO G GF3 Series

The advanced Gas Driven VRF system offers increased efficiency and performance across the range.
Improvements include increased part load performance, reduced gas consumption with a Miller-cycle engine and reduced electrical consumption by using DC-Fan motors.

Power supply problems?
If you are short of electrical power, our gas heat pump could be the perfect solution:
· Runs on natural gas or LPG and just needs Single Phase supply
· Enables the building’s electrical power supply to be used for other critical electrical demands
· Reduces capital cost to upgrade power substations to run heating and cooling systems
· Reduces power loadings within a building especially during peak periods
· Electricity supply freed up for other uses such as IT servers, commercial refrigeration, manufacturing, lighting etc.

ECO G Outdoor Heat Exchanger.
· Integrated DX and hot water coil
· No defrost required
· Faster reaction to demand for heating

A. DX Coil
B. Water coil

Up to 35% energy saving

Effective heat recovery system enables up to 35% energy saving
The waste heat removed from the cooled room is effectively used as a heat source for the room to be heated. As a result, the load on the compressor and heat exchanger on the outdoor unit can be reduced, enabling excellent heat recovery.
Excellent performance and free Domestic Hot Water
Panasonic 3-Pipe Multi system is capable of simultaneous heating/cooling and individual operation of each indoor unit by only one outdoor unit. As a result, efficient individual air conditioning is possible in buildings having diverse room temperatures.
In addition, Domestic Hot Water is created for free in cooling mode without additional boilers or electric heaters.

System example.
Improved maintenance intervals. The unit only needs to be serviced every 10,000 hours. This is the best in the industry.

A. Liquid pipe (medium-temperature, medium-pressure liquid pipe) / B. Discharge pipe (high-temperature, high-pressure gas pipe) / C. Suction pipe (low-temperature, low-pressure gas pipe) / D. Stop / E. Heating / F. Cooling

Solenoid valve kit

To be fitted on all ‘zones’ to allow simultaneous heating and cooling. Up to 24 indoor units are capable of simultaneous heating/cooling operation. Oil-recovery operation to gives more stable comfort air-conditioning control.

3-Pipe control Solenoid valve kit

3-Pipe control PCB

Up to 5,6kW

Up to 16,0kW

3-Pipe control PCB
* For wall mounted. Must be added to the CZ-P56HR3 or CZ-P160HR3.

DHW production in heating and cooling

Free DHW is available 365 days a year, in all seasons. Hot water is produced effectively from waste heat from engine. Perfect solution for hotel projects required high demand of hot water.
A. Air to Air indoor units
B. Water pipe
A. Hot water at 65°c outlet for free
Free DHW (in cooling mode)
16HP > 23,6kW
20HP > 27,10kW
25HP > 40,50kW