Heatcharge. Energy Charge System


Energy class A +++ and offers maximum comfort and energy savings. This powerful air heat pump is designed for commercial and residential climate that places extremely high demands on the heating system.

R32 gas environmental friendly

Econavi sunlight detection

nanoe™ air purifying system

Super Quiet! Only 18dB(A)

Down to -35°C in heating mode

Summer House keeps the house at 7/8°C to avoid freezing pipes during the winter

R410A/R22 piping renewal

5 Years Warranty
R32 gas: ‘small’ change that changes everything
Not everyone is ready for change. Indeed, there are some who resist the future. But at Panasonic we will keep believing in technologies that improve people’s lives. Which is why we are now presenting a generation of air conditioners with R32, an innovative refrigerant in all ways imaginable: it is easy to install, and compared to most other refrigerants it has a much lower environmental impact and saves energy. The result? Greater wellbeing for people and for the planet. Because there will always be people who resist change. But we say: Goodbye yesterday. Hello R32.

Today Panasonic. Tomorrow everyone.
European regulation EU 517/2014 makes the replacement of fluorinated gases (F-gases) compulsory, such as R410A, for environmental reasons, although it also grants a transition period from 2017 to 2030.

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Heating power and efficiency
  • Energy Charge System. Heat storage unit which features Non-Stop heating and fast heating function
  • Maximum efficiency and comfort with Econavi sunlight detection and human activity detection
  • nanoe™ air purifying system
  • More powerful airflow to quickly reach the desired temperature
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Panasonic's new full line-up of A+++ heat pumps.
In response to the Kyoto Protocol, the European Union set some challenging targets for the reduction in greenhouse-gas emissions. By the year 2020, across the member states, the EU wants to have achieved the following objectives:
  • A 20% cut in greenhouse gas emissions (from 1990 base levels)
  • The share of renewables in the energy mix to increase by 20%
  • An overall reduction of 20% in energy consumption

Maximum savings for your home.
The very best SEER and SCOP available