nanoe™ X. Quality air for life



nanoe™ X deodorises strong and unpleasant odours that cause uneasiness so you can enjoy a more pleasant living space for greater well-being.


Inhibits certain Bacteria & Viruses

nanoe™ X inhibits the growth of certain allergens, bacteria and viruses in your home, maintaining a cleaner home for your children.


Moisturing Skin

Helps retain the moisture of the skin.

nanoe™ X deodorises and inhibits certain bacteria and viruses

nanoe™ X contains 10X times 1) more OH radicals.
The newly developed nanoe™ X device produces 10x times more OH radicals (4 800 billion)* than regular nanoe™ device.
Greater amounts of OH radicals contained in nanoe™ X lead to outstanding effects in bacteria, viruses and allergens inhibition as well as deodorisation. A fresher and cleaner home awaits you.

* Based on Panasonic Survey.

1. Water Particle
2. OH Radicals
3. 5-20nm

How nanoe™ X keeps air fresh and clean

nanoe™ X reaches bacteria.
OH radicals take away hydrogen from bacteria.
OH radicals transform hydrogen in bacteria to water and inhibit bacterial activity.

No matter where you are on planet earth, air is an essential part in your life.
We’re working to help every person enjoy better health and comfort by nanoe™ X air purifier technologies.

Characteristics of nanoe™ X Technology

1. Long Life
6 times longer lifespan than general negative ion. nanoe™ X contains moisture around 1 000 times more than general negative ion. Being contained in water particles, it has a longer lifespan and is able to spread for a long distance.

Comparison of distribution in the room
A. nanoe™ X spreads to every corner.
B. General negative ion. Ions decay before spreading throughout the room.
2. Water-originated
nanoe™ X comes from condensed moisture in the air so that water replenishment for nanoe™ X generation is not required.

nanoe™ X is tiny enough to penetrate into clothes for inhibiting mould and deodorizing.
A. Allergens (such as pollen, mite droppings and corpses) are enclosed and inhibited.
B. Steam particle and large particles cannot penetrate deeply inside the fabrics.
C. nanoe™ X can penetrate deeply inside the fabrics.
3. Microscopic Scale
With the size of one-billionth of a meter, nanoe™ X is much smaller than steam. It can deeply penetrate into cloth fabrics to deodorize.

* 1nm (nanometer) = one billionth of meter.

nanoe™ X: around 5-20nm.
Steam: around 6 000nm.

How does nanoe™ X technology help you?

1. Virus / Bacteria / Pollen inhibition
Inhibits certain virus. Influenza virus 99,9% inhibited.
A: Virus / Bacteria / Pollen
B: Virus / bacteria / Pollen is suspended in indoor air.
C: nanoe™ approach and capture those objects.
D: nanoe™ metamorphose structure of  Virus / Bacteria / Pollen. (Remove hydrogen.)
E: Completion inhibition.

2. Deodorization
A. 6 Level Odour Intensity:
  1. Odourless
  2. Hardly noticeable
  3. Identifiable weak
  4. Immediately noticeable
  5. Strong
  6. Intensely disagreeable

B. Minutes

C. nanoe™ X can reduce odour intensity by 2,4 in 12 minutes

D. nanoe™ X neutralises cigarette smoke 10 times faster

E. Natural reduction
Deodorization effect for adhering odour (tobacco).
Oudour is reduced by 2,4 in only 12 minutes, and almost disappear after 2 hours.
The deodorization effect will vary subject to the surrounding environment (temperature / humidity), operation time, types of smell and clothes.

· Test Laboratory: Panasonic Corporation Analysis Center. · Test Methodology: Verifying with 6-level odour intensity indication in 10m² test room. · Deodorization Method: nanoe™ X emit. · Test Subject: Adhering Tobacco Smell. · Test Result: 1,2 level of odour intensity is decreased after 120 minutes. · Report No.: 4AA33-160615-N04.
3. Moisturing Skin
Helps retain the moisture of the skin.
With nanoe™ X.
nanoe™ X hydrate the sebum on the skin to prevent the loss of moistures.
After 28 days
Skin is hydrated that nanoe™ X keeps the texture of the skin.
A: nanoe™
B: Sebum
C: Moistures retained
D: Stratum corneum
E: The texture of the skin is kept
Test Laboratory: FCG Research Institute Inc. Report no. 19104

Reliable technology chosen by the world.

The cutting edge technology of Panasonic's nanoe™ purifying technology has been chosen by Lexus to equip its vehicles for clean indoor air.