New Aquarea All in One. Compact and easy to install

Hydromodule + 200L tank. From 3 to 16 kW
Aquarea All in One is the new generation of Panasonic Heat Pumps for Heating, Cooling and Domestic Hot Water (DHW). This new range intelligently integrates the best Hydrokit technology with a premium quality stainless steel tank, which also comes with a 10 year warranty. In this way, Panasonic combines the finest product design with performance to achieve a market-leading COP.
This highly efficient solution is quick and easy to install. Thanks to piping being factory-fitted, savings of 50% are possible on installation time. Piping connections are intelligently sat at the bottom of the unit further simplifying installation. The All in One is also a space saving solution, perfect to install in the kitchen due to its stylish design. Furthermore, Panasonic has developed a range of controllers which allow the control of 2 heating zones, bivalent and cascade systems.
  • Highly efficient solution
  • Quick and easy installation. Reduced installation costs. Piping at the bottom of the All in One
  • A class water pump
  • 200L stainless steel tank with 10 year warranty
  • Easy integration of the HPM remote control
  • Best stainless steel tank with high insulation to reduce energy losses
  • High exchange surface to increase efficiency
  • Space saving: 1.800H x 598W x 717D
  • Best performing Aquarea hydraulic module to heat the water
  • Maintenance from the front. Electrical connections on the front
  • Built-in filters
  • Max water temp output 55°C

Note: Cooling mode activation possible by software. This activation can only be done by service partner or installer.
It’s Panasonic
Panasonic is the world leading compressor manufacturer, the heart of any heat pump.

Intelligent Design
We listened to the installation specialists. As a result, piping connections are at the bottom of the unit, making installation easier, and as no piping works are visible, it makes the unit more aesthetically pleasing. Additional advantages are that space is available on top of the unit, and there is no need to keep an access point for maintenance.

New function for installer
  • Floor heating concrete dry mode
  • Cooling mode unlock facility
  • Class A Pump management with 7 speeds

High Efficiency
Heating COP up to 5. DHW COP up to 2,5. A Class water pump.

Connectivity Possibilities
Three remote controls can be installed:
  • New Remote control. New function for customer: Auto Mode for Heating and Cooling, Shows Energy Consumption and Set Holiday Mode
  • Heat Pump Manager for more than 600 possible installation configurations (as 2 zone control, Bivalent, etc.)
  • Heat Pump Manager with LCD touch screen

  • 5 year warranty on compressors
  • 10 year warranty on All in One Tanks
What makes Aquarea All in One unique?
Wide range
Up to 14 different combinations. From 3kW to 16kW.
  • High Performance for new installations and low consumption homes.
  • T-CAP for extremely low temperatures ensuring constant heating up to -15°C.
All in One Module Elected Best in Test
The Danish Technological Institute has put the Panasonic’s Aquarea T CAP 9kW air to water heat pump through its paces, testing it at an output 9,29kW at 10°C. The system received the industry’s highest SCOP rating of 4,84. SCOP is the parameter forming the basis for European minimum requirements and energy labelling for heat pumps and Panasonic’s All in One has now set the bar high with this excellent rating.
1. High performance
2. T‑CAP