Panasonic introduces the first Professional Climate Cloud solution of M2M connected heating and cooling systems
This Professional solution is designed to control, monitor and manage the heating and cooling systems of one or several installations from any web browser. This is powerful and that saves money to owner at the same time it ensures maximum reliability of the installations, allow to apply comfort and saving energy policies centrally in just few clicks. Ready connected to Plug and Play M2M mobile connectivity or owner LAN (wired or WiFi). It perfectly applies to retail, but also is great solution for Hotel, Offices and even Residential.

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Different connection types
Advantages for Owner
  • Scalable solution with quick ROI (Return on investment)
  • Allow to effectively put in practice comfort and energy saving policies centrally
  • Quick centralized scheduling and settings with few clicks
  • Location is always working (issues can be fixed before it happens), customers and workers happy
  • Network flexibility: Connected to mobile M2M network, wired LAN or WiFi

Advantages for maintenance company
  • Saving time and travel expenses, error codes in advance
  • Allow to plan maintenance in easier way (running hours per system…)
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Rich data to suggest improvements in the system, to increase or reduce power
  • No need special software

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