Smart Panasonic online tools for design and selection of heating & cooling solutions


• Useful tools for designers, installers, engineers and technicians
• Ideal solutions for residential and commercial HVAC projects
• CO2 Refrigeration Designer, VRF Designer, Aquarea Designer
• Available on Panasonic PRO Club

UK, 18 August 2020 - Panasonic offers smart tools for installers and engineers to design systems and select Panasonic products for heating and cooling solutions. Panasonic’s tools, such as the new CO2 Refrigeration Designer, the VRF Designer and the Aquarea Designer are all available to download from the Panasonic PRO Club.

Advancing its latest innovations, Panasonic recently launched a new online selection tool, the CO2 Refrigeration Designer, for its full range of cold chain and commercial refrigeration units. This handy tool enhances productivity, maximises efficiency and provides further support for users, by simplifying calculations to ensure the best solution and results are achieved. Not only is the new tool able to help save time, but it also avoids calculation errors. The estimated average time of calculation completion when using this tool is just two minutes, whereas pre-existing calculation tools can usually take up to an hour. For added convenience, the calculator can also be used on mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, with results being printed on paper or saved to a PDF to be accessed anywhere.

Panasonic also offers the advanced VRF Designer software, providing air conditioning system designers, installers and dealers with a program to remotely design and size projects for Panasonic's VRF ranges; it is possible to create piping and wiring diagrams and to issue bills of quantities with a simple push of a button. Designers are now able to work directly from AutoCAD files, making the process extremely timesaving and easy to manage. AutoCAD drawings, printouts and scans from existing designs can be imported and altered within the system. Super-efficient and built for the designers' every need, Panasonic's Advanced VRF Designer software can create life-sized piping designs and automatic length calculations based on their imported drawings. The latest VRF Designer Version 8.6 features new BMS, Air Curtains with HEX and CAD export improvements as well a useful feature for selecting worst case scenario piping.

The Aquarea Designer now includes the latest addition to the range, the Aquarea J Generation Bi-Bloc. This program allows HVAC designers, installers and distributors to identify the correct heat pump for a particular application from Panasonic's Aquarea range. It will calculate the project's energy costs, in terms of hot water, heating and pumping. It will show the equipment running times and calculate the COP (coefficient of performance). It then allows the designer to show clients a comparison with other equipment options such as heating by conventional gas-fired boilers, oil systems, wood, standard electric heating and electric night storage heaters. This compares running costs, initial investment and maintenance expenditure. The comparison can also be made for CO2 emissions and savings.

To find out more, please visit, and download these useful tools from your Panasonic PRO Club account.