Hints & tips

Think innovation!

Award-winning installs will be showcased as examples of technology used with innovation. Think about your installs and your discussions with each customer. What makes your projects different, what did you recommend? It's all about thinking outside the box whilst demonstrating that you met the customer's brief.

Use high quality images, where possible

The entry form is an opportunity for you to describe your installation. While you should take the time to explain all the technology, the design and all the details - a picture is worth a thousand words. You know how amazing your project is, but no one else will ever get to see it except through the photos you give us. Perhaps use a professional photographer if possible, to capture the quality of both the project and the technology. It's worth it really!

Obtain permissions

Make sure you obtain the necessary client/photographer permissions before submitting material. In many cases your submission will be used for publicity around the Awards and as part of Panasonic Heating and Cooling's ongoing marketing campaign. With your client on-board, remember also that a favourable client testimonial speaks volumes!

Take time over your entry

Be realistic about the amount of time it will take to gather your background information and fill in the required detail. Entering the Panasonic Pro Awards is a valuable means of raising your profile so, devote time and resource to filling in the forms and give yourself the best chance of reaching the finals.

Read the questions

It sounds simple - but pay enough attention to the actual questions asked on the form. Judges want to compare the entrants, so read the criteria and stick to them.

Be clear and concise

Think about where you started from, the solution and the results. Leave out irrelevant details.

Start today!

Running a business is hectic, but you should start filling in an application form sooner rather than later. A rushed last minute entry will not necessarily reflect on your business as well as a considered one. And remember, you should always ensure that your application is submitted by the deadline.