ECOi-W AQUA-Z 150-170 C/H R32
Cooling capacity: 154 to 173kW.
Heating capacity: 159 to 180kW.

Air cooled chillers and heat pumps

  • 2 versions: C (cooling only), H (heat pump)
  • 2 sizes
  • SEER up to 4,70 (STD AC) / 5,22 (STD EC)
  • SCOP up to 3,60 (STD AC) / 4,04 (STD EC)
  • 2 configurations: STD (standard) and HPF (high pressure fan)
  • 2 fan types: AC (standard fan) and EC (high efficiency fan)
  • 2 acoustic options: STD (standard) and S (super low noise)



Low GWP refrigerant

The range operates with R32. Thanks to a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of 675, this refrigerant is 3 times less polluting than the standard R410A.
Innovative external heat exchangers

The ECOi-W AQUA-Z is fitted with new coil design enabling a refrigerant charge reduction of 40%.
Efficiency and performance

As standard, ECOi-W AQUA-Z units benefit from excellent seasonal efficiency values.
They can also be equipped with variable speed pumps allowing an annual energy consumption reduction by up to 70%*.
The range operates in a large outside temperature enveloppe comprises between -15°C and +48°C.
* Pump only and compared to a fixed-speed pump.
Compact units

The range has been designed in a compact manner to ensure the smallest possible footprint. The chassis (sizes 150 to 170) features one of the smallest footprint on the market with an average ratio of 37kW/m².

ECOi-W AQUA-Z 50-170

The ECOi-W AQUA-Z is an effective, efficient and sustainable. The range is available in 10 sizes with lots of customisation options and accessories, ensuring that there is a model available for every installation.

The units are equipped with a new generation of outdoor heat exchangers that enables a refrigerant charge reduction of 40%. R32 refrigerant is three times less polluting than some of the alternatives. These two features reduce the carbon footprint of each unit by 84%*.

Standard and high-pressure fan configurations are available. The ECOi-W AQUA-Z is also available in both standard and super low noise options, making it suitable for installation where noise control is a factor. Each unit is equipped with two scroll compressors that are fitted on a rail and assembled together to form tandem compressors. The compressors are then mounted on rubber pads to eliminate noise and vibration transmissions.
* Comparison made between equivalent units operating respectively with R410A and R32 refrigerants. Impact only considers the refrigerants and not the units as a whole.