2-Pipe Mini ECOi 6 Series

High-efficiency and large-capacity VRF system.2-Pipe Mini ECOi LE1 Series. Cooling and Heating type 1-phase. Cooling and Heating type 3-phase
Panasonic 2-Pipe Mini ECOi, the 2-Pipe heat pump is specifi cally designed for the most demanding applications. Mini ECOi is available in 3 sizes with cooling capacities ranging from 12.1 kW to 15.5 kW and connectable up to 9 indoor units (applicable for 15.5 kW).
An expansion from the Panasonic VRF line up, the Mini ECOi is compatible with the same indoor units and controls as the rest of the ECOi range. Up to 9 indoor units with a single outdoor unit.

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Outdoor Units

Outoor units for FSM, ECOi and ECO G. Wide choice of models depending on the requirements.

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Indoor Units

Indoor units for ECOi and ECO G. Wide choice of models depending on the requirements.

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Mini ECOi outdoor units
1. Inverter compressor. Large-capacity inverter compressor has been adopted. The inverter compressor is superior in performance with improved partial-load capacity
2. Printed Circuit Board. PCBs have been reduced to two, to improve maintenance
3. Accumulator. Larger accumulator has been adopted to maintain compressor reliability and because of the increased refrigerant quantity, extended max piping length can be achieved. Furthermore, the refrigerant pressure loss was reduced, which contributes to an improved operating efficiency
4. DC Fan motor. Checking load and outside temperature, the DC motor is controlled for optimum air volume
5. Newly designed Big Edgy Fan. The newly designed Fan edge has been realized to inhibit air turbulent and to increase efficiency. As Fan diameter has been sized up to 490 mm, the air volume has been increased by 12% keeping low sound level
6. Heat exchanger & copper tubes. The heat exchanger size and the copper tube sizes in the heat exchanger has been redesigned to increase efficiency
7. Oil separator. New centrifugal separator has been adopted to improve oil separation efficiency and reduce refrigerant pressure loss
Energy saving concept
The energy saving designs for the structure of fans, fan motors, compressors and heat exchangers has resulted in high COP values, which rank as one of the top classed in the industry. In addition, use of highly efficient R410A refrigerant reduces CO2 emission and lowers operating costs.
All Mini ECOi VRF systems are rated as EEL Category A, which confirms that they are amongst the most energy efficient systems available. Power consumption during operation is substantially less than that of lower rated units and consequently both the day to day running costs and full life cycle costs are significantly reduced.
Improved energy saving
The operation efficiency has been improved using highly efficient compressor, new DC motor and new design of heat exchanger.

FS Multi VRF Cooling
Mini ECOi Cooling
FS Multi VRF Heating
Mini ECOi Heating
Wide operating range
The operating range for heating operation is to -20°C, the cooling range is to -10°C. The remote controller temperature setting offers a range from 16°C to 30°C.
1. Cooling: -10~46°C DB / 2. Heating: -20~18°C WB
Pipes of up to 90 m
The total length of the pipe between a system's indoor and outdoor units can be extended up to 150 metres, with a height difference of up to 50 metres. These ample limits make it possible to place the outdoor unit on the roof. The maximum height difference between indoor units in the same system may be up to 15 metres.
1. Maximum height difference between outdoor unit and indoor unit*
2. Maximum height difference between indoor units
3. Maximum total pipe length
4. Farthest pipe length (from outdoor unit to farthest indoor unit) (equivalent length)
* 40 m if the outdoor unit is below the indoor unit.
Silent mode
3 dB can be reduced by setting. External input signal is also available.

Drastically reduced sound level
The pressure sound level has been reduced drastically thanks to the new DC Inverter compressor, newly designed heat exchanger and Fan.

FS Multi VRF Cooling / Mini ECOi Cooling
FS Multi VRF Heating / Mini ECOi Heating
Compact & Flexibility-design
The slim and lightweight design can be installed on various places.
1. For balconies / 2. For narrow spaces

In case of 5/6 HP, the weight has been reduced from 123 into 104 kg.
Demand Control Kit
This function limits the maximum operating input at peak time.
The limit value setting for level 1 & 2 can be changed from 40% ~ 100% by 5% when the system is commissioned.
Demand control input signals sent to this outdoor interface will be transferred to the system via inter-unit control wiring. Other controls (ex. Operation ON/OFF, Mode switch Cool/Heat) are also available. Demand level 1 & 2 are available.
1. Outdoor unit / 2. Inter-unit wiring terminal / 3. Input terminal / 4. Demand 1 / 5. Demand 2 / 6. Demand controller

Optional terminal block kit for demand control to be mounted in the outdoor unit. Via this interface, the demand control signals go directly to the outdoor unit control PCB.
3 control levels are available.
* Only for 6N series ECO-i outdoor unit, "Regular Demand control" setting is available. (The system will be limited the maximum input level for all the time without any signal input.) (The setting to be done at the time of system startup or service by maintenance remote controller.)
1. Outdoor unit / 2. Demand controller / 3. Terminal block