Panasonic's Aquarea range brings you the peak of comfort, efficiency and low energy costs. Aquarea transfers heat energy from outside into warmth inside. Aquarea also provides you with hot water but more efficiently than your current boiler.

Superior energy efficiency A+++

Over 80%** savings on your energy bill

Aquarea heat pumps can operate down to -20ºC outside

Over 80% saving on your carbon emissions versus mains gas boilers

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** Against direct electric

Panasonic is a world leader within the heating and cooling industry, with over 60 years of experience in producing innovative products. The company invests heavily in R&D to develop new solutions to advance the market, with a huge emphasis on environmental impact, hence the investment in emerging low carbon technologies such as air source heat pumps.

As many of us get used to the reality of spending more time at home, the benefits of having a quiet, yet extremely efficient heating and domestic hot water system have become more obvious.

According to independent tests, the Panasonic Aquarea J Generation R32 Mini Monobloc range and 16kW Bi-Bloc T-Cap Super Quiet air-to water heat pumps have been confirmed to have impressively low levels of noise when in operation.

Aquarea Super Quiet 16kW T-CAP (Total Capacity) delivers outstanding efficiency in heating and domestic hot water supply. This unit can supply all the heating and domestic hot water to a 450m2 new build property. Panasonic Aquarea Heat pumps can be connected to radiators, underfloor, and fan-assisted radiators to deliver heating in winter, plus dedicated cooling can be provided during the summer if required from the units. The wide range from 3kW to 16kW in Monobloc, Bi-Bloc, or All in One, ensures the right model is available for all requirements and designs.

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There is a super quiet Panasonic heat pump for every house, no matter where you are. Panasonic have conducted independent sound tests which revealed heat pump sound levels to be even lower than before meaning greater piece of mind for you and your neighbours.

Sound Level Comparison

Sound Levels
Model Independent Test Result - Sound Power Full Load (rounded up figure) dB(A) Independent Test Result - Sound Power Quiet Mode 3 (rounded up figure) dB(A)
WH-MDC05J3E5 60
WH-MDC07J3E5 61
WH-MDC09J3E5 65 59
WH-MXC09J3E5 61
WH-MXC12J6E5 63 55
WH-MDC12H6E5 --- ---
WH-MDC16H6E5 --- ---
WH-MXC16H9E8 --- ---
WH-MHF09G3E5 59
WH-MHF12G6E5 67 ---
WH-UD03JE5 56
WH-UD05JE5 60
WH-UD07JE5 63 62
WH-UD09JE5-1 66 64
UX09HE5 64 62
UX12HE5 66 64
UX16HE5 68 65
WH-UQ09E8 57 55
WH-UQ12E8 61
WH-UQ16E8 62 58
WH-UD12HE5 --- ---
WH-UD16HE5 68 65
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