3.6 kW. PACi Elite 4 Way 60x60 • R32

KIT-36PY2ZH5 (S-36PY2E5B + U-36PZH2E5)

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Small and powerful, ideal for offices and restaurants. Standard units only for Twin, Triple and Double-twin combinations.

  • Fresh air distribution
  • Multidirectional air flow
  • Integrated drain pump gives 850 mm lift
  • 3 speed centrifugal fan
  • DC FAN for better efficiency and control
  • Easy connection and control of external fan or ERV using the connector PAW-FDC on the indoor unit PCB. The external device can be controlled by the remote control of the Panasonic indoor unit


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PACi Elite 4 Way 60x60 • R32 SINGLE PHASE
3.6 kW
Kit KIT-36PY2ZH5
Remote controller CZ-RTC5B
Cooling capacity (Nominal) kW 3,6
Cooling capacity (Min) kW 1,5
Cooling capacity (Max) kW 4,0
EER (Nominal) (1) W/W 4,68
SEER (2) 6,6 A++
Pdesign (cooling) kW 3,6
Input power cooling (Nominal) kW 0,77
Annual energy consumption cooling (3) kWh/a 191
Heating capacity (Nominal) kW 4,0
Heating capacity (Min) kW 1,5
Heating capacity (Max) kW 5,0
COP (Nominal) (1) W/W 4,26
SCOP (2) 4,6 A++
Pdesign at -10°C kW 3,6
Input power heating (Nominal) kW 0,94
Annual energy consumption heating (3) kWh/a 1096
Indoor unit S-36PY2E5B
Indoor air flow (Hi) m³/min 9,7
Indoor air flow (Med) m³/min 8,0
Indoor air flow (Lo) m³/min 6,0
Moisture removal volume L/h 1,5
Indoor sound pressure (Med) (4) dB(A) 32
Indoor sound pressure (Lo) (4) dB(A) 26
Indoor sound power (Hi) dB(A) 51
Indoor sound power (Med) dB(A) 47
Indoor sound power (Lo) dB(A) 41
Indoor dimension (Height) mm 288
Indoor dimension (Width) mm 583
Indoor dimension (Depth) mm 583
Panel dimension (Height) mm 31
Panel dimension (Depth) mm 700
Indoor net weight kg 18
Panel net weight kg 2,4
Outdoor unit U-36PZH2E5
Outdoor power source V 220 - 230 - 240
Current in cooling (1p 220V / 3p 380) A 3,65
Current in cooling (1p 230V / 3p 400) A 3,50
Current in cooling (1p 240V / 3p 415) A 3,35
Current in heating (1p 220V / 3p 380) A 4,50
Current in heating (1p 230V / 3p 400) A 4,30
Current in heating (1p 240V / 3p 415) A 4,15
Outdoor air flow (Cool) m³/min 40
Outdoor air flow (Heat) m³/min 40
Outdoor sound pressure (Cool -Hi) dB(A) 43
Outdoor sound pressure (Heat -Hi) dB(A) 44
Outdoor sound power (Cool -Hi) dB(A) 62
Outdoor sound power (Heat -Hi) dB(A) 64
Outdoor dimension (Height) mm 695
Outdoor dimension (Width) mm 875
Outdoor dimension (Depth) mm 320
Outdoor net weight kg 43
Pipe diameter (Liquid) Inch (mm) 1/4 (6,35)
Pipe diameter (Gas) Inch (mm) 1/2 (12,70)
Pipe length range m 3 ~ 40
Elevation difference (in/out) (5) m 30
Pipe length for additional gas m 30
Additional gas amount g/m 20
Refrigerant (R32) / CO2 Eq. kg / T 1,15 / 0,776
Operating range (Cool - Min) °C -15
Operating range (Cool - Max) °C 46
Operating range (Heat - Min) °C -20
Operating range (Heat - Max) °C 24

(1) EER and COP calculation is based in accordance to EN14511.
(2) Energy Label Scale from A+++ to D. For models below 12 kW, the SEER and SCOP is calculated based on values of EU/626/2011. For models above 12 kW, the SEER and SCOP is calculated based on values of EU/2281/2016.
(3) The annual energy consumption is calculated in accordance to EU/626/2011.
(4) The sound pressure of the units shows the value measured of the position 1,5 m below the unit. The sound pressure is measured in accordance with Eurovent 6/C/006-97 specification.
(5) When installing the outdoor unit at a higher position than the indoor unit.
* Recommended fuse for the indoor 3 A. 

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