0 kW. DHW Stand Alone

PAW-DHWM300AE (Floor standing at -7 °C)

DHW Stand Alone: highly efficient heat pump water heater

The wide range of DHW Stand Alone heat pump is a great solution to adapt to any type of family house. The wall type is available in 100 and 150L capacities, and the Floor-standing in 200 and 270L. For reaching even more efficient use the 270L is available in additional coil, it is able to connect solar water production.

  • A+ Highly efficient domestic hot water heat pump
  • Provides reduced power consumption by 75 % compared with traditional electric water heater
  • Being CFC-free, this water heater is environmentally friendly

Energy saving

  • Digital control panel with energy consumption monitoring
  • Photovoltaic function
  • Compatible with ducted fresh air intake installations
  • Boiler/Solar Coil (only PAW-DHW270C1F)


  • Different modes of operation based on user needs
  • Mode AUTO: Intelligent Temperature Set Point, thanks to monitoring hot water usage
  • Mode BOOST, Mode ECO and Mode ABSENCE


  • Diamond-quality enamel lining the inner tank
  • Pressure relief valve which provides safety if any malfunctions or pressure rise
  • Dielectric union preventing corrosion
  • Specific lip gasket preventing rust around the flange


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DHW Stand Alone

(1) According to ISO3744.
(2) Compliant with EN 16147 conditions.
(3) Performance measured for a water heater from 10°C to Tref according to the protocol of the NF Electricity Performance Mark specifications No.LCIE 103-15C, selfheating thermodynamic water heaters (based on standard EN 16147).
* DHW Stand Alone is produced by S.A.T.E.

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