F2 Type Variable Static Pressure Hide Away

The new F2 type is designed specifically for applications requiring fixed square ducting. The internal filter is equipped as standard.

  • Industry-leading low sound levels from 25 dB(A)
  • Built-in drain pump provides 785 mm lift
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Air off sensor avoids cold air dumping
  • Configurable air temperature control


  • 1.5 kW: S-15MF2E5A (Heating and Cooling)
  • 2.2 kW: S-22MF2E5A (Heating and Cooling)
  • 2.8 kW: S-28MF2E5A (Heating and Cooling)
  • 3.6 kW: S-36MF2E5A (Heating and Cooling)
  • 4.5 kW: S-45MF2E5A (Heating and Cooling)
  • 5.6 kW: S-56MF2E5A (Heating and Cooling)
  • 6 kW: S-60MF2E5A (Heating and Cooling)
  • 7.3 kW: S-73MF2E5A (Heating and Cooling)
  • 9 kW: S-90MF2E5A (Heating and Cooling)
  • 10.6 kW: S-106MF2E5A (Heating and Cooling)
  • 14 kW: S-140MF2E5A (Heating and Cooling)
  • 16 kW: S-160MF2E5A (Heating and Cooling)

You can find information and precautions relevant for installation and maintenance in the instruction manuals. You can find information relevant for disposal at end-of-life in the instruction manual.