Panasonic’s Commercial Range Gets Smarter with Panasonic Comfort Cloud App


• Reduce energy bills with on-the-go smart phone control
• Multi-user management from anywhere in the world
• Control up to 200 units by multiple users


April 8, 2019 – Panasonic Heating and Cooling has introduced a new WLAN adaptor for its commercial range to enable wireless control from any smart device. The new adaptor enables connection to the Panasonic Comfort Cloud app, offering users easy control of commercial units from anywhere in the world.

The sleek wall-mounted WLAN adaptor provides a network connection from commercial air conditioning units to the Panasonic Comfort Cloud app. This gives users a new and easy way of operating and monitoring their commercial heating and cooling remotely, from their smart device. One adaptor can be connected with up to eight indoor units, enabling users control over features such as weekly scheduling and power on/off. With connection to the smart phone app, users can pre-programme the climate of a full site to maintain consistent comfort and instantly adapt it at any time. This helps save energy costs whilst also providing a more efficient PACi system.

For large commercial buildings or multiple premises, control of up to 200 PACi or ECOi indoor units (10 different sites, up to 20 units per site) can now be operated by multiple users. Different levels of control can be given to individual users via the Comfort Cloud app. This helps to ensure satisfaction across varying locations that may have different internal climate requirements, and also allows employees to adjust the temperature according to their immediate needs.

Functions such as start/stop, fan speed, and airflow direction can all be managed through a smart phone connection, supporting excellent commercial range performance in commercial sectors. For the majority of PACi models, the Comfort Cloud app allows users to access power consumption data directly via the WLAN adaptor, which can be particularly beneficial for managing cost savings. In addition, maintenance issues can be quickly rectified as the app will instantly alert the user with error codes as they occur. This helps to maintain an efficient and reliable system, essential to help businesses achieve zero down time.