Aquarea High Performance Bi-bloc H Generation 1 Phase

The new H Generation are specially designed for low energy homes and achieve an impressive COP of 5 (on the 3,2kW).
Thanks to the system’s high degree of technology and advanced control, it is able to maintain a high capacity and efficiency even at -7°C and -15°C. The Aquarea’s software is optimised to the requirements of low consumption homes in order to maximise energy efficiency. Whatever the weather, Aquarea can work even at -20°C. The compact design of the outdoor unit makes installation very easy.

  • Super efficient: COP of 5 in the 3,2kW!
  • Very high energy savings A+++*
  • Simple installation & maintenance
  • Special software for low consumption homes with minimum output temperature: 20°C
  • Works at temperatures as low as -20°C
  • Automatic Air purge valve
  • Display of the compressor frequency

* Scale from A+++ to D.

SINGLE PHASE (Power to indoor)

  • 3 kW: KIT-WC03H3E5 (Heating and Cooling)
  • 5 kW: KIT-WC05H3E5 (Heating and Cooling)
  • 7 kW: KIT-WC07H3E5 (WH-SDC07H3E5-1 + WH-UD07HE5-1) (Heating and Cooling)
  • 9 kW: KIT-WC09H3E5 (Heating and Cooling)
  • 12 kW: KIT-WC012H6E5 (Heating and Cooling)
  • 16 kW: KIT-WC016H6E5 (Heating and Cooling)

You can find information and precautions relevant for installation and maintenance in the instruction manuals. You can find information relevant for disposal at end-of-life in the instruction manual.