BIG PACi Canalizzate ad alta prevalenza 20,0-25,0kW • R410A

Big PACi has been introduced with full renewal of its indoor unit, offering hydronic application by PACi Water Heat Exchanger.
Big PACi is useful and cost saving solution for small and mid size of projects, can be offered also with VRF system.
Compact and light indoor body keeping the high efficiency is split-able design for easy piping work at limited narrow space.

  • Highly efficient with compact indoor body, -16kg lighter than conventional model (10HP)
  • Split-able Hide Away indoor design for easy & flexible piping work
  • Better partial load control with Panasonic compressor
  • Bluefin anti-rust coating
  • PACi Water Heat Exchanger compatible
  • Panasonic cloud control compatible
  • 0-10V demand control


  • 20 kW: KIT-200PE3E5D (S-200PE3E5B + U-200PE2E8A) (Caldo e Freddo)
  • 25 kW: KIT-250PE3E5D (S-250PE3E5B + U-250PE2E8A) (Caldo e Freddo)

Nel manuale d'uso sono disponibili informazioni riguardanti le precauzioni relative all'installazione e alla manutenzione del prodotto e informazioni per gli utenti sulla raccolta e l’eliminazione di vecchie apparecchiature.