Self-service washing bays

Several different cities. Lithuania


Oras–vanduo šilumos siurbliai „aquarea“ , Others

Outdoor units: Aquarea KIT - WXC16HE8
Indoor units: 16 kW Domestic Hot Water tanks: 800L (for bigger self-service washing bays) 400L (for bigger self-service washing bays) Backup electric heaters: 14 kW- 21 kW capacity
Control: -


We have installed heat pumps in a number of self-service car washes in different Lithuanian cities during 11.2018-09.2020. In a smaller self-service washing bays Heat pumps of 16 kW were installed, in a bigger self-service washing bays (dedicated up till 7 cars) Heat pumps of 32 kW and 800 litres Domestic Hot Water tanks were installed. Cost of Project (Panasonic equipment): ~ 22000.00 Eur for bigger self-service washing bays / 14000.00 Eur for smaller self-service washing bays


The heating system is necessary for the self-service car wash to work in the winter in Nordic climate. Both the water used to wash cars and the floor need to be heated. If the water is not heated, not only will ice form on the car, but the nozzles will freeze and the hoses will rupture. If the water is heated on the floor, ice will form on it quickly during the cold period, foam will freeze and cars will not be able to drive in or out.

Solutions & Tech Applied

In warmer climates, self-service car washing bays do not need to be heated, and this is necessary in northern climates. Some use electric heating only for the floor, and although it is a cheaper installation, it does not solve the problem completely: the car is frozen, the hoses and nozzles freeze. And finally, to heat the floor in such way is quite expensive. As far we know, the gas heating for self-service washing bays is used in Russia. It is a better solution compared with the one described above. However, it is 1) not environmentally friendly 2) more expensive than our proposed and implemented solution - we installed A2W heat pumps instead of gas heating. This is sustainable, efficient and cost saving solution. Our clients are happy, so we are happy, too In addition, Backup electric heaters have been installed in the event of extremely cold weather or to allow the car wash to continue operating even on a heat pump failure. This ensures uninterrupted operation of the car wash. 

Panasonic heat pumps were chosen for two reasons: (a) the need to heat the water between late autumn and spring in order to achieve better car wash results (compared to competitors offering car wash with cold water services); and (b) for economic reasons, it has been calculated that this heating is cheaper than gas heating. And it proved to be a reality. Our customers have won twice: their car washes can run uninterrupted even during the winter (hence, earn more for this reason alone) and still spend less money on heating than they would if they choose some alternative way of heating.

Key Tech Features

The customers car washes can run uninterrupted during the winter 

 Backup electric heaters have been installed in the event of extremely cold weather 

More cost efficient heating than if they would choose some alternative way of heating.


32 kW / 16 kW

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