Schedule timer (CZ-ESWC2)

The power supply for the schedule timer is taken from one of the following.
  1. Control circuit board (T10) of a nearby indoor unit (power supply wiring length: within 200 m from the indoor unit).
  2. System controller (power supply wiring length: within 100 m from the indoor unit).
When the power supply for the schedule timer is taken from the control circuit board of the indoor unit, that indoor unit cannot be used with other control devices using the CZ-T10 terminal. As operation mode and temperature settings are not possible with the schedule timer, it must be used together with a remote controller, a system controller, an intelligent controller, etc. Also, as it does not have an address setting function, the control function of a system controller etc. must be used for address setting.

Dimensions (H x W x D): 120 x 120 x 16 mm
Up to 64 groups (max. 64 indoor units) can be controlled divided into 8 timer groups

Six program operations (Operation/Stop/Local permission/ Local prohibition) per day can be set in a program for one week
  • Only operation or stop, remote controller local permission or remote controller local prohibition, and their respective combinations are possible. (Operation + local permission, stop + local prohibition, only local permission, etc.)
  • Local prohibition and the combination of the three items of temperature setting, mode change, and operation/stop can be set at the time of installation.

A function for pausing the timer in case of national holidays has been added, and timer operation also can be stopped for a long time
  • By setting holidays or operation stop within one week, the timer can be paused just for that week.
  • All timer settings can be stopped with the timer “ON/OFF effective” button. (Return to timer operation is made by pressing the button again.)
Connection example 1
Power supply from the indoor unit

A. Remote controller
B. Schedule timer
Connection example 2
Power supply from the central controller

C. System controller
D. Schedule timer
E. Indoor/outdoor operation wire
F. Zone 1 Centralised addresses 1 to 16
G. Zone 2 Centralised addresses 17 to 32
H. Zone 3 Centralised addresses 33 to 48
I. Zone 4 Centralised addresses 49 to 64
J. Timer group 1: Centralised addresses 1 to 8
K. Timer group 2: Centralised addresses 9 to 16
L. Timer group 3: Centralised addresses 17 to 24
M. Timer group 4: Centralised addresses 25 to 32
N. Timer group 5: Centralised addresses 33 to 40
O. Timer group 6: Centralised addresses 41 to 48
P. Timer group 7: Centralised addresses 49 to 56
Q. Timer group 8: Centralised addresses 57 to 64