Seriell-parallele Schnittstelleneinheit für Außengeräte (CZ-CAPDC2 bzw. CZ-CAPDC3), lokaler Adapter für Schalt-/Statustafel (CZ-CAPC3) und seriell-paralleler Mini-Schnittstellenadapter (CZ-CAPBC2)

Seri-Para I /O unit for outdoor unit (CZ-CAPDC2)
  • This unit can control up to 4 outdoor units.
  • From the central control device, mode changing and batch operation/batch stop are possible.
  • Required for demand control.

Dimensions (H x W x D): 80 x 290 x 260 mm
Power supply: Single phase 100/200 V (50/60 Hz), 18 W
Input: Batch operation/Batch stop (non-voltage contact/DC 24 V, pulse signal). Cooling/Heating (non-voltage contact/static signal). Demand 1/2 (non-voltage contact/static signal) (Local stop by switching).
Output: Operation output (non-voltage contact). Alarm output (non-voltage contact).
Wiring length: Indoor/Outdoor operation lines: Total length 1 km. Digital signal: 100 m or shorter.
System example
A. Central Control Device
Lokaler Adapter für Schalt-/Statustafel (CZ-CAPC3)
  • Steuerung und Statusüberwachung für ein einzelnes Innengerät (oder ein externes Lüftungsgerät bis 250 V AC, 10 A) durch ein Kontaktsignal.
A: Schalt-/Statustafel

Beispiel: z. B. Ventilatorkonvektor,
Lüftungseinheit usw.
Parallel interface 0 -10 V (CZ-CAPBC2)
  • Control and status monitoring is possible for individual indoor unit (1 group).
  • In addition to operation and stop, there is a digital input function for air speed and operation mode.
  • Temperature setting and measuring of the indoor suction temperature can be performed from central monitoring.
  • The analog input for temperature setting is 0 to 10 V, or 0 to 140 Ohm.
  • Power is supplied from the CZ-T10 terminal of the indoor units.
  • Separate power supply also is possible (in case of suction temperature measuring).

System example
A. Remote station
C. Central control panel