Controller for hotel application

Innovative line up of room controllers specially designed for hotel applications. With a modern cosmetic that match room interiors and simple operation for hotel guests.

1. Lighting control
2. Wall sensor PAW-WMS-AC (-DC)
3. Room card switch (field supply)
4. Indoor unit. Variable static pressure hide away
5. Window contact PAW-DWC
6. Ceiling motion sensor PAW-CMS-AC (-DC)
7. Controller to integrate all room hotel needs in one device.
Card switch. Heating and cooling control. Light control. Window control. Possible to connect to Modbus
  • Easy to install
  • Cost effective installation as all electrical cable are centralized on this remote: The lighting, card contact, motion detector, window contact and the air conditioning are controlled
  • Architect inspired attractive design with 2 colors: black or white
  • Stand-Alone and Modbus

Energy saving functions included on the device: Turns OFF air conditioning and lighting when room is unoccupied. Disables air conditioning when window is open. Maximum/minimum setpoint temperature configurable.
Easy remote controller: The hotel guest will have access to limited functions to control the air conditioning: ON/OFF, Temperature and Fan speed.

Easy set up: Stand-Alone model with easy configuration menu to access all parameters. A pre-define scenario can be uploaded on the remote controller connected to a computer to make installation on site plug and play (only on the Modbus models).

New NFC fast set up: with the new Touch Display Control and Touch Room Controller setting are quicker than ever. Just touching smartphone with NFC capability the settings will be saved. This function is also possible even when the control is not wired. Giving flexibility to save the setting even before installation.

Room Controller: 4 Digital Inputs & 4 Digital Output

Room controller offers flexibility and easy installation thanks to 4 preconfigured options. This is available in both Stand Alone and Modbus type.
Modbus references: PAW-RE2C4-MOD-WH and PAW-RE2C4-MOD-BK.

Display: 2 Digital Inputs

Display control allows to handle 2 inputs to perform most common operation in room hotels. References: PAW-RE2D4-WH, PAW-RE2D4-BK.
Hotel Room Controller
  • PAW-RE2C4-MOD-WH: Modbus RS-485 Touch room controller with I/O, White
  • PAW-RE2C4-MOD-BK: Modbus RS-485 Touch room controller with I/O, Black
  • PAW-RE2D4-WH: Touch display control with 2 Inputs, White
  • PAW-RE2D4-BK: Touch display control with 2 Inputs, Black

Accessories Sensors
  • PAW-WMS-DC: Wall silent motion sensor 24V
  • PAW-WMS-AC: Wall silent motion sensor AC
  • PAW-CMS-DC: Ceiling silent motion sensor 24V
  • PAW-CMS-AC: Ceiling silent motion sensor AC
  • PAW-24DC: Power supply 24V
  • PAW-DWC: Door or window contact