Innovative solutions for retail

Panasonic has developed solutions for retail applications and offices applications where return on investment is a key factor! The comfort inside the shop is key for a good customer experience in the shop.

Heating and cooling solutions for retail applications
Panasonic has developed solutions for retail applications and office applications where return on investment is a key factor! The comfort inside the shop is key for a good customer experience in the shop.
From local control or from Panasonic new cloud control system, a detail status of the heating and cooling system can be displayed, analysed and optimised in order to improve the efficiency, reduce the running time and increase the life time of the units.
8 reason why Panasonic is the best solution for your Retail:
· Complete solution
· Flexibility and adaptation
· Go green retail: low CO2 emissions
· Comfort - high customer satisfaction
· Future expansion
· Panasonic offers efficient systems meeting expectations over the years
· High quality of service with Panasonic pro-partner installation team
· The system will still operate up to 25% of the connected indoor units. System will not stop when up to 25% of indoor units have power supply breakdown when they are on mode
1. Multi energy solutions, gas or electric.
The Multi energy solution (Gas and Electric) from Panasonic gives the best of the energy saving and on the flexibility of the installation. Panasonic solutions can be connect to direct expansion systems, water chiller installations and ventilation systems as air handling units.
1a: Gas VRF. ECO G
1b: Electric VRF. ECOi
1c: Electric VRF. Mini ECOi
1d: Electric 1x1. PACi
1e: Electric A2W. Aquarea

2. PKEA outdoor unit for server room.
Steady cooling, nonstop, even at -20°C and still with high efficiency. Ready for continuous operation and easy to connect 2 systems to automatically alternate and ensure server rooms are kept cool with maximum operating guaranteed.
3. Control your way.
Wide variety of controls, from simple user control to full system control via remote access functionality. Touch panel, web server, consumption control, smartphone control… everything is possible.

4. Econavi Sensor.
The Econavi Sensor detects presence in the room, and quietly adapts the PACi or VRF air conditioning system in order to improve comfort and energy savings.

5. Wide range of indoor units.
Complete range of indoor units that fits any need. All units provided with supply air temperature sensor and low operation sound level to guarantee guests comfort. From 1,5kW up to 30kW.
6. Hide Away, for power and efficiency.
Super silent units deliver the ideal air supply. Units available from 1,5kW providing precise temperature control even in small rooms. Two models available: slim unit for height restricted areas (MM unit only 200mm deep), another which allows 100% fresh air (MF).

7. Air Curtain with DX Coil.
The Panasonic range of air curtains is designed for smooth operation and efficient performance.

8. Protocol friendly.
Great flexibility for integration into your KNX / Modbus / LonWorks / BACnet projects allows fully bi-directional monitoring and control of all the functioning parameters. Range of solutions to control locally or remotely the full system in bi-directional mode.
9. Air Handling Unit kits for efficient ventilation.
The new AHU kit is specially designed to improve the efficiency of the pre-heating or pre-cooling process of the ventilation.

10. Energy Recovery unit for high efficiency of the system.
Panasonic Energy Recovery Ventilators can reduce the outside air load because they efficiently recover the heat lost by ventilation during the heat recovery process.