New Aquarea All in One

All in One, compact and easy to install

Space-saving solution ideal for installations with restricted space. In addition, Panasonic has developed bivalent and cascade systems that give the user control of two heating zones.

Hydromodule + 200L tank. From 3 to 16 kW
Aquarea All in One is the new generation of Panasonic Heat Pumps for Heating, Cooling and Domestic Hot Water (DHW). This new range intelligently integrates the best Hydrokit technology with a premium quality stainless steel tank, which also comes. In this way, Panasonic combines the finest product design with performance to achieve a market-leading COP.

This highly efficient solution is quick and easy to install. Thanks to piping being factory-fitted, savings of 50% are possible on installation time. Piping connections are intelligently sat at the bottom of the unit further simplifying installation. The All in One is also a space saving solution, perfect to install in the kitchen due to its stylish design. Furthermore, Panasonic has developed a range of controllers which allow the control of 2 heating zones, bivalent and cascade systems.

  • Highly efficient solution
  • Quick and easy installation. Reduced installation costs. Piping at the bottom of the All in One
  • A class water pump
  • Easy integration of the HPM remote control
  • Best stainless steel tank with high insulation to reduce energy losses
  • High exchange surface to increase efficiency
  • Space saving: 1.800H x 598W x 717D
  • Best performing Aquarea hydraulic module to heat the water
  • Maintenance from the front. Electrical connections on the front
  • Built-in filters
  • Max water temp output 55°C

Note: Cooling mode activation possible by software This activation can only be done by service partner or installer.

All in One with 2 zones control

· 2 heating circuits, with 2 different water temperatures
· 2 water pumps and 2 water filters
· Floor heating water control with mixing valve

BEST IN TEST 2017: * Applies to All in One T‑CAP 9kW H Generation Three Phase at 35°C water outlet temperature test: The highest measured SCOP (energy efficiency) of all air/water heat pumps, in the corresponding category, that have been published on the heat pump list of the Danish Technological Agency: