New Intelligent Controller CZ-256ESMC3

This controller is the smart solution for your advanced requirement in buildings.

Intuitive operation

The screens used for operations all follow a common pattern, with the screens being easy to read and easy to use.
  • Enlarged screen (10,4 inch) with colour LDC
  • Smartphone-like operations (Swiping, flicking)
Large screen display. Enlarged by 60%.
Easy Swipe or flick operation.
This is an operation where the finger is slid in a direction (up or down) on the touch panel. This is used to scroll slowly.
This is an up and down movement of the finger touching the screen, used to pick settings in elements such as spin boxes.
Pull out.
This is an operation where the finger on the touch panel is flicked in a direction (up or down). This is used to scroll quickly.

Enhanced functions for energy saving as standards

  • Set temperature auto return settings, Auto shutoff, Set temperature range limit settings
  • Demand control function
  • Outdoor demand input and timer settings possible
  • Indoor can be set at ±1°C/ ±2°C or thermostat OFF
  • Indoor units controlled in sequence at 10-minute intervals
Screen of Set temperature auto return setting.
Auto shutoff.
Screen of Outdoor demand control.

Energy Visualization

  • Energy-saving plans are supported with graph display function
  • Displays electricity & gas usage distribution
Screen of graph display.
Useful parameters are shown for your better energy saving.
Ex.) Bar graph:
Indoor Unit:
  • Total operating time, thermostat ON operation time (Min.)
  • Amount used (electricity, gas)
  • Electricity or gas charges
Outdoor unit:
  • Outdoor unit operation cycles (# cycles)
  • Engine time in operation (Hrs.)
  • Cumulative Inverter power output
  • Cumulative PV power output
Pulse value selection per different data intervals 1 hour/1 day/ 1 month compared with last year.

Main new function

  • Gesture function (Flick, Swipe): Yes
  • Graph display (Trends, comparisons) : Yes
  • Web functions (Max. 64 users): Yes
  • Recipient setting for warning email: Yes (Maximum 8)
  • Automatic return to setting temperature: Yes
  • Limitation of setting temperature range : Yes
  • Left-on prevention: Yes
  • Quiet operation of outdoor unit: Yes
  • Occupant sensor linkage: Yes
  • Demand function : Yes
  • Charge calculation : Yes
  • Log display: Yes Warning 10.000 items. Status change 50.000 items
  • Linked control (Event definition 50 events, Input: 32, Output: 32): Yes
  • Under maintenance (Under inspection registration): Yes