Panasonic Certified Quality

Panasonic does not compromise on product quality, safety or durability, in order to provide the ultimate comfort when you need it most.

Class A pump

An efficient pump is equipped as a standard*. A wide range of single and double pump, plus pump drive option is available.
* Heat pump models 20 - 40.

Axial AC/EC fan

The microprocessor control automatically adjusts the fan speed as a function of the operating conditions.

SWEP BP heat exchanger

Very compact & long durability of SWEP Braze Plate Heat Exchanger.
Unique design for the size 140 - 210 improving frost protection and efficiency.
Model type supplied may vary.

Simple user friendly control

In addition to basic control functions…
· Intelligent logic control for inlet water temperature
· Night setback operation to reduce electrical consumption and noise
· Automatic test operation at the push of a button

BMS integration

Modbus RTU as standard.
Modbus TCP/IP, BACnet IP and BACnet MSTP as optional availability.
Integrated systems with ECOi-W Chiller, VRF and BMS control can be offered.
a. ECOi-W chiller communication. / b. VRF communication. / c. Interface for Modbus. / PAW-AC2-MBS-16/64/128P or interface for BACnet. / PAW-AC2-BAC-16/64/128P. / d. VRF systems. / e. Building Control Communication. / f. Fire alarm. / g. Security. / h. Lighting. / i.Elevator

Victaulic grooved connection

Victaulic Installation-Ready™ couplings assure proper piping installation.
Optimized design to reduce installation effects, including noise and vibration attenuation.
* Available in 140-210.
** Threaded Victaulic connection kit (PAW-SYSVICTH) is optional.
Model type supplied may vary.

Bluefin for more durability

Bluefin hygrophillic coating improves defrost performance and reduces damage for a longer life time.
* Available in heat pump range.

Defrost limiting coil design

· Fin space increased to prevent the coil freezing
· Number of rows increased to maintain the same capacity in standard conditions
· Designed to decrease freezing frequency as soon as outdoor air temperature goes below 7°C
* Available in heat pump range size 140-210.
Standard coil: 2 defrost cycles every 130 min.
Heating capacity (kW)
Special coil design: 1 defrost cycle every 130 min.
Heating capacity (kW)

Time (min)
Time (min)


Low noise

ECOi-W series is equipped with the compressor phonic insulation box as a standard.
* Standard in 20-40, 140-210. Optional in 45-125.

Extremely quiet operation has been achieved!

ECOi-W quiet operation in full range.
Sound power level dB(A)

ECOi-W sizes
* Performance with standard fans. In the range 45-125, noise performance without low noise option.