U2 Type 4 way 90x90 cassette - R32/R410A

The 4 way 90x90 cassettes with integrated nanoe X Generator Mark 2 and new panel design

Panasonic introduces a modern flat panel design to blend into any space. These cassettes have been developed to satisfy today’s customer needs such as high energy saving, comfort and better indoor air quality.

  • High performance turbo fan, new path system for heat exchanger
  • Lower noise in slow fan operation
  • Ceiling height up to 5,0m
  • Industry top light weight, easy piping
  • Econavi: Floor temperature and humidity sensor added. Activity amount detection and new circulator
  • nanoe™ X (Generator Mark 2= 9,6 trillion hydroxyl radicals/sec) as standard for better indoor air quality, indoor unit internal cleaning with nanoe™ X and dry operation
  • Powerful drain pump gives 850mm lift
  • Fresh air knockout
  • Branch duct connection
  • High volume fresh air input with optional air-intake plenum and chamber (CZ-FDU3+CZ-ATU2)

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U2 Type 4 way 90x90 cassette - R32/R410A 1-weg
2.2 kW 2.8 kW 3.6 kW 4.5 kW 5.6 kW 6 kW 7.3 kW 9 kW 10.6 kW 14 kW 16 kW
Verwarmingscapaciteit (nominaal) kW 2,50 3,20 4,20 5,00 6,30 7,10 8,00 10,00 11,40 16,00 18,00
Koelcapaciteit (nominaal) kW 2,20 2,80 3,60 4,50 5,60 6,00 7,30 9,00 10,60 14,00 16,00

1) When the piping diameter is (liquid) Ø6,35(1/4) - (gas) Ø12,7(1/2), connect the liquid socket tube (Ø6,35 - Ø9,52) to the liquid tubing side indoor unit and connect the gas socket tube (Ø12,7 - Ø15,88) to the gas tubing side indoor unit.
* Above values are in the case of nanoe™ X OFF.

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