Aquarea All in One

This range intelligently integrates the best Hydrokit technology with a premium quality stainless steel tank, which is maintenance-free.

Aquarea All in One: the best Panasonic technology for your home

Optimum solutions for premium comfort.

Panasonic Aquarea Heat Pumps warm your home effectively and efficiently, they precisely control the indoor temperature thanks to reliable Panasonic Inverter Compressors. Aquarea can also cool space in summer and bring hot water all year round. Panasonic has created a night mode to reduce the noise when it’s needed.
Aquarea offers enhanced connectivity to improve the comfort of users. For example, with ventilation equipment connected, it will make the indoor air cleaner and fresher. With solar panels, it can operate using renewable energy.

Energy saving means money savings.

Panasonic Aquarea heat pumps are a smart choice for saving in heating, as they provide savings of up to 80 % on heating expenses compared to electrical heaters.
Aquarea units reach A+++ within the range of A+++ to D in heating and A+ in the range of A+ to F in domestic hot water, all leading to large savings in electricity bills. Compared to an electric heater, the Air to Water Heat Pump offers five times the output in kilowatts per every input in kilowatts. Consumption can be further reduced by connecting photovoltaic solar panels to the system.

Adapts to your needs.

Panasonic Aquarea heat pumps produce heating, cooling and domestic hot water with a single system and can be connected to floor heating, radiators or fan coil units. In refurbishment projects Aquarea can be integrated in existing heating systems.
Aquarea is able to reach up to 60°C water outlet and allows high flexibility in installation thanks to the large piping length of up to 50 m between indoor and outdoor (see table each model limitations).
From 3 kW to 16 kW, there is always an option for lower initial investment and lower operational cost.

Contributing to a descarbonised society.

The Air to Water Heat Pump is powerful technology designed with the future in mind. The heat pump is considered a ‘green’ choice as the heat energy is taken from the environment, making it a sustainable option. It maintains a comfortable indoor temperature while significantly reducing environmental burden.
All Aquarea heat pumps can also be connected to a solar thermal or PV system in order to increase efficiency and minimise environmental impact.

Dlaczego Panasonic?

All in One with U-Vacua insulation technology

Panasonic U-Vacua™ is a high performance vacuum insulation panel with very low thermal conductivity, that performs about 19 times better than standard urethane foam.

All in One with Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP)
U-Vacua™ VIPs consist of a unique fiberglass core encased in a laminate film made up of several layers that include nylon, aluminium, and a protective layer. Interior pressure is reduced to a vacuum of 1-20Pa, thereby minimising thermal conductivity.

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High quality components inside:
· Maintenance free Inox stainless 185 l tank
· Variable speed water pump (class A)
· Magnetic Filter with shut-off valves
· Expansion vessel
· Vortex flow sensor
· Back up heater
· Safety valve
· Air purge valves
· 3 way valve inside

Technology to save space.

Space-saving solutions, ideal for installations with restricted space.
· Hydrokit and tank in a single unit
· No water connections on top*:Water piping connections at the bottom, keeping more space above the unit free for use
· No buffer tank required
· Piping length up to 50 m (for J Generation 7 and 9 kW)
· Modern remote controller can be installed up to 50 m from the indoor unit

* Excluding 2 Zone model.

Aquarea Smart Cloud: The most advanced heating control for today and for the future.

Aquarea Smart Cloud for end users.

Easy and powerful energy management.
The Aquarea Smart Cloud is much more than a simple thermostat for switching a heating device ON or OFF. It is a powerful and intuitive service for remotely controlling the full range of heating and hot water functions, including monitoring energy consumption.

How does it works?
Connect Aquarea J and H Generation system to the cloud using wireless LAN or a wired LAN Network. The user connects to the Cloud portal to remotely operate all unit functions and can also permit partners to access customised functions for remote maintenance and monitoring.


Aquarea Smart Cloud works with IFTTT.