New R32 Refrigerant Gas

A ‘small’ change that changes everything

Not everyone is ready for change. Indeed, there are some who resist the future.
But at Panasonic we will keep believing in technologies that improve people’s lives.
Which is why we are now presenting a new generation of air conditioners with R32, an innovative refrigerant in all ways imaginable: it is easy to install, environmentally friendly and saves energy.
The result? Greater wellbeing for people and for the planet. Because there will always be people who resist change. But we say: Goodbye yesterday. Hello R32.

Today Panasonic. Tomorrow everyone.
European regulation EU 517/2014 makes the replacement of fluorinated gases (F-gases) compulsory, such as R410A, for environmental reasons, although it also grants a transition period from 2017 to 2030.
Must we wait? No. Our commitment to innovation is not hampered by dates. Which is why we are jumping the gun and are now presenting our generation of air conditioners that employ the R32 refrigerant.

And what does all this mean in practice?

Greater wellbeing for people and friendlier to the planet

Innovation is not just technology. It’s an attitude
Leadership isn’t something you can just get. You have to show it. Which is why at Panasonic we strive each and every day to make our air conditioners highly reliable and surprisingly efficient, with minimum noise impact and the lowest environmental footprint possible.
To all that we then add sophisticated and elegant designs. Our air conditioners are like that: innovative inside and beautiful outside.
The best proof of our commitment is that we are moving ahead of the sector by including the R32 refrigerant in our entire range of domestic air conditioners, representing an enormous technological lead that manages to combine excellent comfort in the home and perfect harmony with the environment.
And what about tomorrow?
Our great challenge today: fighting to help the environment.
How to make this possible? With greater energy efficiency and minimal energy consumption, so that we reduce the use of the planet’s fossil fuels.
But also by using advanced refrigerants such as R32, employed in our entire home range.
Because this has always been technology’s purpose: To make the impossible, possible.
At Panasonic we have a firm commitment to healthier lifestyles and to reducing global warming on the planet.
For this reason, we will keep on presenting advanced, efficient and reliable solutions.
Because our commitment to innovation did not just come about today. It started when Panasonic was founded, in 1918. So we’ve been innovative for a long time now. And we want to take it even further.