ON/OFF controller (CZ-ANC3)

  • 16 groups of indoor units can be controlled.
  • Collective control and individual group (unit) control can also be performed.
  • Up to 8 ON/OFF controller (4 main, 4 sub) can be installed in one link system.
  • The operation status can be determined immediately.

Note: As operation mode and temperature settings are not possible with the ON/OFF controller, it must be used together with a remote controller, a system controller etc.

Dimensions (H x W x D): 121 x 122 x 14 + 52 (embedding dimension mm)
Power supply:  AC 220 to 240 V
I/O part: Remote input (effective voltage: within DC 24 V): All ON/OFF. Remote output (allowable voltage: within DC 30 V): All ON, All alarm.